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Early Father’s Day Gift

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For Rob, Father’s Day came a little early. I presented him with a custom framed canvas of him and the kids from our Carnival Cruise family vacation last year.


rob and the kids on our family vacation cruise 2010

close-up of frame and canvas finish

that's where the picture will be going, it just arrived this weekend

Gallery Direct has provided a really high quality finished product that is proudly being displayed on our living room. Using a heavy duty canvas and beautiful dark wood frame ensure this will last many many years. We can glance at this picture 10 years from now and remember the great time we had that week at sea. As a family we aren’t art collectors but when it comes to family photos they are in every space available. Having this canvas is a beautiful addition to our growing collection.  I contemplated going larger but glad I didn’t; anything larger than real0life would have been overwhelming for the space.
john-lennon-abstract-artI know Father’s Day is literally right around the corner but I recommend Gallery Direct not just for “turn yourself into a work of art” prints but also themed photography, abstracts and illustrations. Spruce up his mancave with a gorgeous canvas of John Lennon or vintage golf. Put the finishing touches on the home office with Americana art. What every theme, subject or artist you choose you’re going to be delighted with the superior finish, order process an selection of features available.

Come back and see the other great pieces we’ll get to review as LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! has been invited to be a Gallery Direct Blogger Ambassador. We’ll focus on seasonal and holiday art and hopefully bring you great specials and deals for gift-giving for others or for yourself.



I Disclose

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Melinda is half of the mom & dad blogging team from LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! Over 4 years ago Melinda left the corporate world to focus on raising her children while being a SAHM. With 17 years of parenting practice to 3 kids life has provided her many experiences that are used to educate the family on morals, ethics and the difference between right and wrong. While academics are very important, a full education goes beyond books and grades. Melinda strives to raise children with good hearts, strong principles and a foundation built on love and respect for others.
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  1. I absolutely love how that came out!!! What a terrific gift idea, Melinda. 🙂

  2. Looks fabulous!

  3. Donna C. says:

    Very nice picture!!

  4. Canvas is the way to go. No cleaning up broken glass (like I had to do today!) and no glare.

    Love it.

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