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The Lies Parents Tell to Their Kids

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As parents we lie. We lie about the tooth fairy, Santa Claus and sending Fido to live on a farm. What what about those lies that we didn’t know were lies. We’ve been duped by our own parents so we didn’t know we were lying too.

Here are some things that I thought were true and still enforce with my own kids.

I Disclose

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About Melinda

Melinda is half of the mom & dad blogging team from LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! Over 4 years ago Melinda left the corporate world to focus on raising her children while being a SAHM. With 17 years of parenting practice to 3 kids life has provided her many experiences that are used to educate the family on morals, ethics and the difference between right and wrong. While academics are very important, a full education goes beyond books and grades. Melinda strives to raise children with good hearts, strong principles and a foundation built on love and respect for others.
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  1. Good things to know! Although I may still tell my kids the one about chewing gum ’cause that’s just kind of gross to think about!

  2. Okay this is horrible but I still believed like half of those! Too funny!

  3. Haha I’ve known all of these for a while I still use the sugar makes you jump off the walls one lol

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