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Family Time and Tacos l #Troop8X #HTC8

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Family time is very hard to come by these days with school, work and sports but we do try to sit down as a family almost every night for dinner. Not saying that we eat together seven nights a week but I feel for it being 2013 and with everything so fast paced these days we do a pretty good job.

These corn muffins ROCKED!!

These corn muffins ROCKED!!

Our two favorite meals for us to enjoy as a family is pizza and tacos. These may be the only two meals where the kids have zero complaints and actually ask for more. This past weekend we had our two favorite meals back to back on Friday and Saturday. Pizza night (which is home made by Melinda) took place on Friday and does ever week and then we did taco night on Saturday. It was a really nice night and Sabreena’s boyfriend joined us as well. Usually I would reserve this time just for family but Sabreena asked could her boyfriend join us for dinner so we allowed him into our taco circle, LOL.

Shae is waiting for tacos to be served

Shae is waiting for tacos to be served

I grabbed the Windows 8X by HTC and took a few pictures of our taco feast. Now, I am not sure if it was because we had company or not but our taco night was full of items not usually included on a regular taco night like soft shells and yummy corn muffins. I did forget to make the refried which stunk because that is something that Shaun and I really enjoy on taco night.

About to dig in

About to dig in

Overall it was a really fun and relaxing night with family and Sabreena’s boyfriend and I am glad that I had my Windows 8X by HTC to capture some fun family moments. The night may have also involved some sundaes with all of the toppings but I will spare you those delicious pictures.

I love my Windows 8X by HTC

I love my Windows 8X by HTC

I was provided with the Windows 8X by HTC but ALL pinions are based on my own experiences. #Troop8X #HTC8 

I Disclose

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  1. Taco night and pizza night are favorites around here as well. Seems like every other night the kids complain about tsomething. Glad you had a nice weekend!

  2. The nights when family favorites are served are the best!

  3. We sit down for a family dinner every night too. I think it is important. My kids are a little younger, but I hope when they will come to the table… maybe you have the right idea… I doubt they would pass up pizza. 🙂

    • I wish we could eat together every night but sometimes our schedule just doesn’t allow that to happen but something is better than nothing in my opinion.

  4. My first smartphone was an HTC. Loved everything about it.

    • So far I must admit I am really liking the Windows Phone platform and the HTC device. Both have been really simple to use so far.

  5. I have a Samsung Focus Windows phone and really want to upgrade to a Windows phone with a better camera. I’ll have to look into this one.

  6. We are loving our Windows phones! I love that you have family dinners!

    • Which windows Phone do you have? We try to have nightly family dinners. Tonight we are having rice and beans.

  7. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says:

    That looks like a fun time! We love family night dinners!

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