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Girl Time Required

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Managing a blog as well as a family of five is not an easy task what so ever and from time I need what I like to call “Me Time” where I get together with a few friends and have some fun girl time.

Getting together with the girls mean a lot of food and a lot of moscato wine which means it tends to be a long night full of laughing and great stories. Recently a few of us got together with some homemade dishes and wine and we hung out and talked about everything and anything and a few of us played speed bingo over at Ladbrokes Bingo. At first I wasn’t sure if I would like speed bingo online so if you find it isn’t your thing they have a lot of different options to chose from so you will be able to find something that interests you. Typically online bingo wouldn’t be something I would do but it was recommended by one of the girls and it turned out to be a lot of fun. It’s always a good time getting together with the girls and just forgetting about responsibility if even for a few hours. Our husbands are capable for the most part to handle the responsibility for a few hours while us ladies relax with our feet up eating good food and drinking good wine.

I will admit that girl time isn’t something that we do enough of and in the New Year is something I would like to do at least once a month. I am sure the husbands can handle three or four hours of responsibility one time per month.

I Disclose

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Melinda is half of the mom & dad blogging team from LookWhatMomFound...and Dad too! Over 4 years ago Melinda left the corporate world to focus on raising her children while being a SAHM. With 17 years of parenting practice to 3 kids life has provided her many experiences that are used to educate the family on morals, ethics and the difference between right and wrong. While academics are very important, a full education goes beyond books and grades. Melinda strives to raise children with good hearts, strong principles and a foundation built on love and respect for others.
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  1. I only get my girl time at conferences anymore! Not fair!

  2. I need to do more of these things and just hang out. I never hang out.

  3. I always say I need to hang out more but it’s hard when we all have families and responsibilities. I’m actually gonna try to play one this weekend with my girlfriends.

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