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Rob brings a new perspective to the once mommy blog. His insight on technology, parenting and family brings a different spin to the this site, one that is often overlooked in the blogosphere.

Work, Play, Life, Love: The Most Popular Android Apps From 2016

If you own an Android device, you have access to a huge range of apps on the Google Play store. Sometimes when you find an app and start using it, you wonder how you possibly survived without it in the past. Here are some of the most popular apps in 2016 that you might want […]

Shopping for a New Baby: Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting Used Gear

The expenses keep on coming when you have a baby, which makes it tempting to consider buying a few used items to keep the cost down. You might argue that babies don’t stay in things for long so you might be tempted to buy something that is almost like new. And with social media making […]

Getting a Ride: Road Rules and Responsibilities Kids Need to Know

It’s estimated that parents drive a colossal 27,000 miles just giving their children lifts. Often, to save time and fuel, many parents with kids attending the same school/club will often share lifts, meaning many children and teenagers are often receiving lifts off adults who aren’t their parents. No matter what the vehicle and no matter […]

When Silence is Safer: Quick Tips to Teach Your Children How to Behave in Any Vehicle

Regardless of whether it’s a long-haul drive or a quick drive to school, kids have the potential to misbehave and create mayhem in virtually any vehicle. Especially for younger children, the prospect of being strapped in to an uncomfortable car seat is certainly not appealing, and they will often do everything in their power to […]

Taking Charge of Your Body: How to Talk to Your Doctor About STD Testing

Some topics are awkward, especially when you need to discuss them with someone outside of your circle of family and friends.  However, your general practitioner is usually the best place to start when you want to be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.  It’s understood that you’re nervous and apprehensive, yet the worst-case scenario involves denying […]

Cast The Net On Camping To Give Your Children A Holiday They Can Learn From

Are you always on the lookout for family friendly vacations? Do you want a holiday that can educate your children as well as entertain? It may seem an unlikely choice, but a camping vacation could be the perfect thing. Camping can teach your children many life skills they wouldn’t learn otherwise. It’s a holiday with […]

Finding Your Child An Active Hobby

(Image Source) For most parents, getting their kids outside and active can be a challenge. The little ones have so many ways to challenge and excite their minds without exercise. It’s almost impossible to offer them something better. So, you need to find another way. And, the best way to do this is through a […]

So You’re Running A Bake Sale: How Not To Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Any parent will be familiar with the feeling of foreboding that arises when they have to provide something for a fundraising event. Whether it’s for a school, church, or a local sports team, you’ll happily give up your time and your skills. You want to make sure that new roof and those new uniforms are […]

Alcohol Addiction: Signs, Side Effects, Rehab, and Recovery

The term addiction never invokes a positive feeling. Especially if it is related to substances which are created for artificial leisure. Obviously one of the substances is alcohol. Alcohol addiction or alcoholism is a serious medical condition in which the abuser has no control and regulation over the amount of alcohol which he or she […]

Let’s Go Pro: How To Make Money From Your Crafting Hobbies

Are you looking to make some changes in your life as we move forward into 2017? This is the time of year when we all start reflecting on the last 365 days and how we feel about them, our general satisfaction with the direction of our lives, and considering where we might want to go […]