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Shopping Kohls for Father’s Day Gifts

Kohls for Father's Day Gifts

I’m easy to please. For Father’s Day I want to spend the day with my  kids doing something fun.  Homemade cards, a hearty breakfast and someone else to mow the lawn is really all I ask.  This year I was tasked with finding other Father’s Day gift ideas at Kohls. Twist my arm!! Melinda says […]

Apps for Creative Kids #VZWBuzz

MomentApp, Shae sitting on the moon cartoon #VZWBuzz Apps for Creative Kids

When you give a child a smartphone the opportunities for fun are endless.  Gaming may be your first thought but my kids take it step beyond that. With my kid’s wild imaginations it was just a matter of time before they figured out a way to create new fun. Shae has developed a beginning passion […]

Summer Release BoxTrolls on Netflix #StreamTeam

Boxtrolls on Netflix a Laika movie

Looking for a great movie for the whole family this summer? Sit down with a box of eggs and enjoy The Boxtrolls on Netflix. As a huge fan of Laika productions, I thoroughly enjoyed going to see it with my sister in theaters. It’s an interesting and unusual story about a little boy, called Eggs, […]

Top 10 Refreshments that spell out – SUMMER!

Top 10 Refreshments that spell out - SUMMER!

We all love summer: getting out in the garden, enjoy the company of friends and perhaps stoke up a barbecue or two. Fresh food gets more varied and tasty but it’s the drinks that make this time of year so special. Here are our top ten refreshments for summer.  Sangria image by Didriks, shared under a Creative Commons Licence […]

Camp Invention more than just Summer Camp #Giveaway


As a working parent the looming summer is bearing a heavy burden on my shoulders.  We’re set up with the pool membership, my mother has retired and plans on doing activities with the kids, my oldest is changing her work schedule so she can have more fun this summer instead of working all day. But […]

Capture the Moments #VZWBuzz #Photography #Memories

Capturing Moments with your Phone #VZWBuzz #photography #memories

Winter is gone and we’re soaking up the great weather every chance we can get.  One thing our family is obsessed with is firepits. Sometimes we get together with an elaborate spread of food and snacks and invite the neighbors and extended family. But sometimes we just have one to hang out as a family […]

Owning My Strong with Mudderella

Mudderella Obstacle Course Events #Mudderella2015 #ic #ad

A few weeks back an email crossed my desk and I thought. “That would be fun!”. Then a couple weeks later I received another email saying “Congratulations, You’re in!”. I was very excited at first. I called my friends and asked Sabreena if they wanted to join me. Then I watched a couple videos and then […]

Coconut Lime Chex Mix #Recipe for Spring

Coconut Lime Chex Mix Recipe for Spring

Do you know how happy I am to finally see bright blue skies and green grass. Hopefully we won’t see another flake of snow till next winter and the freezing temperatures are gone for good. It’s spring time.  That means time spent outside, grilling, sitting around the bonfire, enjoying fresher and tastier food and drinks […]

A Visit to NFL Offices with Verizon Wireless #VZWBuzz

NFL Headquarters with #VZWBuzz NYC

Who would’ve thought that I would one day be a guest in the NFL Headquarters and also enjoy myself. Even though I’ve watched football most of my life I’ve only been a fan for the last 12 years.You can thank my son for that one. His name comes from hearing a players name while reading a […]

It’s Prom Season at @Macys

Macy's Prom Event King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia @Macys, #MacysProm, #Philly or #Philadelphia

Last year Sabreena and I attended Macy’s Prom Event at King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia. We’re headed back this year to see another fashion show, watch singing sensation Melanie Martinez perform and find out the latest trends for Prom Season. At Macy’s Locations all over the United States starting this weekend find an event to spot […]