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Stained Glass Easter Egg #kidsinthekitchen

Stained Glass Easter Egg Craft for Kids #kidsinthekitchen #eastercraft

Easter is just around the corner and while we don’t put much effort in to the bunny or hard boiled eggs that doesn’t mean we don’t like to incorporate cute and festive crafts for the home. In the  morning the light shining through the kitchen doors is bright and there isn’t anything prettier than stained […]

Latte Macchiato Cocktails – Add Zing to Your Cup of Coffee

Latte Macchiato Cocktails

Creamy and frothy, Latte Macchiato is definitely a favorite among coffee lovers, especially those who prefer smoking hot beverages. The perfect layering of latte macchiato and the creamy froth that adorns the top is a wonderful delight, especially when you need some lifting up after a long day. However, there is definitely one way you […]

Jelly Bean Tree Centerpiece plus Giveaway

jelly bean tree centerpiece

For the last few months I’ve been enjoying making some DIY home decor that fits the seasons and holidays. There was the Valentine’s framed Key to My Heart and the Christmas Card Display board. For Easter and spring it’s no different. I created this adorable Jelly Bean Tree Centerpiece for the dining table. I’m hoping it […]

Jelly Bean Tree Kids Craft #KidsintheKitchen

Jelly Bean Tree Craft for Kids #KidsintheKitchen

With spring comes Easter and with Easter comes the influx of sweet, brightly colored candies. Jellybeans are a staple for this season and what better way to use them (besides eating them) is making crafts like this Jelly Bean Tree. I made a different kind of Jelly Bean Tree(coming next week) but Shae wanted to […]

#MacysProm Event at King of Prussia Mall


We are in the height of prom season, at least it is in most other high school senior households.  I’ve just been informed that Sabreena isn’t going. No real reason except she doesn’t feel like spending so much money for one night. I tell her she’s going to regret it but I can’t force her […]

Lime Ricki Swimwear Review #summerfun #swimsuits

Lime Ricki Swimwear #summerfun #swimsuits

Spring may have just started but I’m already thinking of summer. More specifically I’m thinking about our summer vacation aboard the Carnival Breeze. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve taken a summer vacation so this is going to be special. Sabreena is 18, has a slim but curvy body but is quite modest. […]

Snack and Meal Ideas with Philadelphia Cream Cheese Spreads

Philly Cream Cheese for Snacking #SpreadtheFlavor #shop

It’s the end of the school day and I’m anxiously waiting for the kids to barrel through the front door. They come in and it’s like a tornado. Shoes are kicked off, jackets are slung on chairs, backpacks opened and papers are in the swirling in the air. Mom, Mom, Mom, MOM. Guess what happened […]

Paper Bag Birds Nest #kidsinthekitchen

DIY Paper Bag Birds Nest #craftsforkids #kidsinthekitchen #easter

The weather has finally changed for the better. No snow for almost 2 weeks now, that might be longest run we’ve had for the last 4-5 months. We’re noticing the birds making nests in the trees so why make our own Paper Bag Birds Nest to celebrate the great weather we’re experiencing and the new […]

Acme Markets $250 GC #Giveaway #IHeartAcme

$250 Acme Markets Gift Card Giveaway

So I’ve already told you about my #IHeartAcme experience.  It’s time to hear yours. Why do you shop Acme markets? Is it their Buy One Get One Free sale? How about their Monopoly game? Is it the brighter, wider aisles? Did you know there is NO need for a loyalty card? How about their fresh […]

Join the #SharpMadness Twitter Party

#SharpMadness Twitter Party @Sears

It’s time for another Sears Twitter Party on Thursday, April 3rd at 12PM CST. This time we’re chatting #SharpMadness! We hope you can join us. To RSVP and have a chance to win one of the prizes, make sure you do the following: Follow the host @Sears and co-host @SearsDeals. Retweet the promotional tweets announcing the party. RT @Sears […]