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It’s Prom Season at @Macys

Macy's Prom Event King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia @Macys, #MacysProm, #Philly or #Philadelphia

Last year Sabreena and I attended Macy’s Prom Event at King of Prussia Mall, Philadelphia. We’re headed back this year to see another fashion show, watch singing sensation Melanie Martinez perform and find out the latest trends for Prom Season. At Macy’s Locations all over the United States starting this weekend find an event to spot […]

Movie Favorites for Guys

NetFlix #StreamTeam

Last week we celebrated my dad’s birthday.  He’s a simple man and didn’t really want much but I created this special post for him and his birthday. I’ve compiled a list of a few of his favorite movies that can be found on Netflix for you to share with the dads in your lives. My dad and […]

Apps to Keep Me on Track

Back to Work on the Computer

A couple months back I made the leap into the traditional working world after an almost 8 year hiatus.  I’m not saying running this blog hasn’t been work I needed a change of scenery. I needed something more fulfilling and standard.  I’m loving it so far and don’t regret the decision but I know other […]

50 Sexy Songs for Valentines Day

50 Sexy Songs for a Romantic Valentine's Day or Date Night

Music plays a HUGE part in my everyday life. I have playlists for every mood whether I’m exersicing, cleaning the house or just need some SING OUT LOUD tunes for in the car.  Valentine’s Day or any other romantic night is no different. Whether you do elaborate thought our romance or are just keeping it […]

ORGANize winner of Powerful Answers Award #VZWBuzz

I decided long ago that when I die my body is of no use to me anymore so I want it used for good. I am an organ donor. My husband is an organ donor too.  We both know that there are so many people in need of something in the world and while we […]

Some Things Don’t Matter Anymore

Toilet Paper Roll Direction

In my youth and young adulthood I had lots of passions and things I cared about.  A marriage and 3/kids later some of those things fell by the wayside. Most of them are not important. Some I’ve just chosen to.pick my battles with. With maturity comes a new priority system. Lipstick. I loved loved lipstick. […]

Parental control apps, how to protect your kids online

Parental control apps, how to protect your kids online

Cell phone became an inseparable part of our lives both for adults and children. Nowadays, kids spent more than 3 hours online via phones, which can be a good sign as we want our children to be technically educated but at the same time it cannot but alert us of possible online dangers. The appearance […]

Shop Healthy Choices with ThriveMarket


Keeping your family healthy, happy and deliciously fed doesn’t have to be a struggle. With so many food options out there it’s no wonder lots of those choices are the wrong ones. My family LOVES to snack. Who am I kidding, I do too.  But there are better ways to snack without losing taste and […]

No More Filters with Dyson Cinetic #DysonUnfiltered on QVC


Dyson is at it again and pushing the boundaries of the same cyclonic technology they pioneered starting 25 years ago. The Cinetic Big Ball uses tiny, oscillating “Cinetic” cyclone tips that are able to spin out the finest of dust without clogging, thus completely negating the need for a filter. To keep traditional vacuums functioning properly, filters […]

What to Watch in 2015 Netflix #StreamTeam

What to Watch in 2015 on NetFlix, Movies, Shows and Cartoons #StreamTeam

The New Year is here and I’m so excited for all of the new things that Netflix has coming out next year. Orange is the New Black Season 3 is coming some time in mid 2015. Hopefully the next seasons of Archer and Bobs Burgers will be out soon too. I know my sister is excited […]