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Halloween Whoopie Pies Acme Markets #StockUpSale

Black Velvet Whoopie Pies from McCormick #StockUpSale

It’s the special time of year again. Time for Acme Markets Stock Up Sale. Cool weather and the upcoming holidays bring great prices on soups and comfort foods and needs for entertaining friends and family. Acme Markets, part of the Albertson’s family, is our neighborhood grocery store. That means it’s were we trust to get […]

25 Halloween Movies for Kids

nightmare before christmas

With the dropping temperatures of fall come one of my favorite holidays, Halloween. We’re just one month away from the fun night of dressing up and gathering goodies from the neighbors. There’s something about that night that makes me feel like a kid again and it’s a great excuse to squeeze in some fun movie time […]

The Best of Me Movie #giveaway

#TheBestofMe Movie Flowers and Book #giveaway

Have you ever known a love so strong that even after 20 years after there’s no way to fight to the pull of each other’s hearts. The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks is the story of this kind of love. Based on the bestselling novel by acclaimed author Nicholas Sparks, The Best of Me […]

Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe #KidsintheKitchen

Homemade Cheese Crackers Recipe #KidsintheKitchen

Here’s another snack time adventure with me and Shae. This time I wanted to see what all the hype was about homemade cheez-its.  I’ve seen so many recipes saying how good they were, how easy they were, blah blah.  This is our version of homemade cheese cracker for #kidsinthekitchen.First off I’ll start off by saying […]

Experience Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic #TeenDrive365

Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic #ad #stilettomedia #TeenDrive365

My family’s safety is important to me.  We stay on top of health care, eat well and wear helmets while bike riding. What I can’t do is monitor them when they aren’t home. This past weekend Sabreena and I attended the Toyota Teen Driver Safety Clinic to learn how to keep her safe on the road. […]

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

Sugar Skull Pencil Toppers #halloween #craft

When particular holidays and seasons creep up it gets my creative mind going. Halloween is one of them. I love everything about things that are fun scary not gruesome scary. Sugar skulls are part of the Day of the Dead celebration in the Latin American and Mexican culture where family and friends show remembrance for those […]

Shepherds Pie Dinner with Manwich Thick & Chunky

Manwich Shepards Pie  layerd

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Manwich for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. Family meal time is important. It’s often the only time in a day that we all come together to reconnect after busy days at work and school. Coming together around the table lets us talk about […]

DIY Mancala Board #kidsinthekitchen

DIY Mancala Board #kidsinthekitchen #recycledcrafts

Having kids of varying ages there aren’t too many things that they all have interest in. Board games is tops on that list though. Games is something they can always agree on. Sabreena remembered playing a game in elementary school called Mancala. I’ve never played it but have heard of it. She looked in the […]

Toyota Teen Driving Safety Clinic #TeenDrive365

Teen Driving Safety Clinic woth Toyota #TeenDrive365 #distracteddriving

Having one of my children of legal driving age scares the crap out of me. Everytime she gets in the car I worry. I know she’s cautious and has hopefully been following our rules for the last 2 years but that doesn’t lessen the anxiety I have that one day she’s gonna call to say […]

It’s easy with Five Star Home Foods


With 2 months of successful meal plans and delicious dinners using Five Star Home Foods I wanted to share more information about the plan itself. Five Star Home Foods is a home delivery service for frozen foods. This includes meats & poultry, fish, vegetables, side dishes and prepared entrees. These are the same high quality […]