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Nintendo 3DS XL for handheld gaming

My kids are gamers. They are addicted to their electronics. Between the 3 of them they have a smartphone, 2 iPods, 3 tablets, a laptop, 3 tvs, 4 gaming consoles and 3 handheld gaming devices.  The Nintendo 3DS XL™ is a great addition to anyone’s gaming collection. Nintendo has been on top of the market […]

Dover Welcomes Outback Steakhouse

I’m not sure what a juicy steak, a deep fried onion or chicken tortilla soup have to do with Australia but I do know they all taste so so good at Outback Steakhouse.  A new restaurant has opened in Dover, DE, and their opening day was one to be proud up. On October 3rd Outback […]

First Alert Onelink Environment Monitor

My family’s safety is paramount. When the kids are babies we made sure their car seats we’re properly installed. Medications are kept out of their reach. Helmets are fitted to their heads. They learned about stranger danger. Smoke detectors are checked every 6 months and the First Alert CO detector is installed and ready to […]

10 Unique Subscription Boxes for Everyone

I’m a fan of subscription boxes. Our family has used them for makeup and personal beauty, shoes, bras, cigars, hot sauce and kids clothes. All of those are pretty normal for everyday life but wait till you see what I’ve found.  Below you’ll find 10 Unique Subscription Boxes. There is truly a box for everyone and […]

Cat in the Hat for President on Board the Carnival Pride

About a month after returning from a cruise on the Carnival Sunshine (more on that later) our family was invited to visit the Carnival Pride in Baltimore, MD for a day of fun, food, friends and fanfare. We were invited to help Cat in the Hat win the Presidential Race along with Thing 1 and Thing […]

Easy Mason Jar Crafts

Ever walk through the craft store or flea market and see a great THING and think “That could be something amazing” but not know where to go from there. I think of myself as pretty crafty but I come up blank with ending ideas very often. I feel like I try to do to much, think […]

World Burger Tour at Hard Rock Cafe

Who doesn’t love a good burger? I can’t tell you how many times in a week I ask Rob what he wants for dinner and he says ” a big juicy burger”. I can’t always accommodate but we have a few local spots we try to visit or create our own masterpiece at home for […]

How to Shop for Yourself as a Mom

Once you become a mom, it is easy for that role to take over your entire life. It can often be a little difficult to think of yourself as anything else. This is especially true if you are home a lot with very young children. Being a mom is one of the most amazing things […]

The Science Behind Pixar at The Franklin Institute Ticket Giveaway

For so many years our family has been enjoying The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. It isn’t just one of the oldest museums in the country, it’s the leading museum for innovation, science and technology. Known for it’s interactive learning and entertaining exhibits their newest, The Science Behind Pixar might be their best yet. The Science […]

Weird and wonderful competitions

Over time, it’s possible for any game to be turned into some sort of competition. Elite sports tournaments, such as those in football, tennis, golf and even chess, are considered to be the absolute pinnacle of competitive activity, but this piece will not be looking at this kind of competition. Instead it will be looking […]