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Family Game Night with Suspend plus #giveaway

suspend game

Family Game Night used to be the norm in our house. Those days have become a bit scarce lately. We have busy schedules and even the kids just want some down time vegging in front of the tv or playing video games. But sometimes there comes a game that gets the kids to turn off […]

Toob Time


When Shaun entered the 2 year old class in daycare back in 2005 the teachers were impressed with his animal recognition and sounds. Typically kids know cat, dog, cow and bird but he could recognize an iguana, zebra, walrus and sloth. While I’d like to take the credit for this braniac moment it wasn’t me. […]

Hawaiian Lei Craft


Summer crafting is in full swing but it’s hard to get them up on a regular basis. While we went on vacation this year it’s wasn’t tropical or remote like last years trip. To take our minds back to sandy beaches and palm trees we decided to make some flower leis. This particular craft can […]

Off to Mom-Moms House, Trunki Giveaway


Shae loves to spend the night at my parent’s house and now my sister’s. She had her first sleepover at my sister’s last weekend and took along her new Melissa and Doug Trunki rolling suitcase. The Trunki is a little more than just a suitcase actually, it’s also a ride on toy and personalized friends. […]

Adding Fiskars to Craft Time

hawaiian lei flowers made with punch

Craft time is probably one of Shae’s most favorite times of day. We don’t get to do a project everyday but a couple times a week is good progress for us. We’ve been stocking on supplies but were lacking tools. Fiskars sent us some great additions to help with embellishing and adding those fun final […]

Painted Rocks Craft for Kids


I was doing some gardening the other day and Shae was helping by pulling weeds and putting the rocks back under the deck that slide down into the grass. She kept showing me the colors and shapes of the rocks and I knew this could aid in a fun craft. I had her pick out […]

Too Cute for Words, GummyLump Toy #Giveaway

baking set

Shae’s greatest loves in the world are of course ME, her pillow pets and her play kitchen. The play kitchen is over 2 years old but gets used every day. We’ve been slowly switching out the original plastic and flimsy food and accessories for high quality wooden play food and toys that are made to […]

Egg Carton Floral Wreath #Spring #Craft


Using recycled materials is one of the best ways to complete a craft.  No one wants to trek out to buy new supplies just for one craft so this is something that most people can do just by raiding your supply closet. This floral wreath is done using an egg carton, paint, beads (or buttons) […]

Thumbprint Crafts for Kids


Here’s another fun craft that can be done with kids using their very own fingerprints. All you need is paper, pencils, ink pads and a child’s hand. Thumbprint Fishbowl On a sheet of heavy paper or construction paper (white or light colored) lightly draw out the shape of a fishbowl. This gives the kids a […]

Craft Time with Tissue Paper

diy stained glass

Shae and I have been crafting machines over the last couple weeks. Thanks to some motivation and inspiration from GummyLump and their #300CraftsforKids campaign we’ve been able to crank out some really creative stuff. Shae is so excited about everything she’s been doing that she even made a video explaining her crafts. Today’s tutorials will […]