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Grilled Spicy Pork Kabobs #recipe

Grilled Spicy Pork Kabobs #recipe

Cooking is an adventure in our house. I’m often scrambling around 2pm thinking of what can thaw quickly or what I have that’s easy to eat. I’m great at meal planning it’s following through on that plan is where I fail. My family eats well though because I always pull through with something delicious. These […]

Panko Crusted Cod #recipe #fivestarhomefoods

Panko Crusted Cod #recipe #fivestarhomefoods

One of the very first dishes I made with my Five Star Home Foods delivery was Panko Crusted Cod.  I’m not one to fry my food, like ever so I baked this dish. Fish is one of those meals that everyone eats, but unfortunately I don’t make very often.  I’m picky about my fish, I […]

Sautéed Shrimp and Risotto #kidsinthekitchen

Sautéed Shrimp and Risotto #kidsinthekitchen

Sometimes dinner gets fancy. Especially when Shae starts leafing through my cookbooks. This is how our Sautéed Shrimp and Risotto dish happened. I feel like this is has been the most involved Shae has been in a meal preparation EVER. She definitely took all the credit for dinner this night. Rightfully so too. She peeled […]

Watermelon Lemonade made by kids #kidsinthekitchen

Watermelon Lemonade made by kids #kidsinthekitchen #cookingwithkids

After our tropical vacation last week Shae came home craving refreshing and exotic drinks with umbrellas and whipped cream. We compromised with this Watermelon Lemonade Drink Recipe because it was easy to create and we had all the ingredients on hand. Easy might for us might not be for you. The hardest part of the […]

Frozen Banana Pops #kidsinthekitchen

Frozen Banana Pops #kidsinthekitchen #recipe, cooking with kids

You know I’m always on the hunt for new snacks and treats for the kids. Lately they seem to be asking for ice cream all the time. Our pool snackbar has ice cream so it happens more often that it’s becoming an afternoon snack versus a once in a while treat. I wanted to find […]

Cinnamon Apple Crisp #recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Kids in the Kitchen making Cinnamon Apple Crisp #kidsinthekitchen

I love having a helper in the kitchen. Especially one that can read, measure (for the most part) and mix without getting most of the ingredients on the counter. Shae is gonna be one hell of cook and baker when she grows up because she’s always wanting to make something.  This week’s Cinnamon Apple Crisp […]

Smack ‘N’ Cheese Pizza #recipe Revolutionary Pizza #giveaway

Smack and Cheese Pizza by Revolutionary Pizza

For the last 7 years Friday night has been Pizza & Movie Night in the Babiak Household. It started with ordering pizza to buying dough from a local pizzeria to then making dough from scratch. We’ve had many variations of pizza with many different ingredients. My favorite is on the grill with a simple sauce, […]

Spinach and Cheese Bites #Recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Spinach and Cheese Bites #Recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Finding new lunch and snack ideas for the kids over the summer is on my to-do list. We wasted no time. The first day of summer break and we were experimenting in the kitchen with classics like pizza dough and not so favorites like spinach. My kids eat what I serve but I want them […]

S’mores Cookies #recipe

S'mores Cookies #recipe #cookie #sweettreat

In honor of the dad in our home, Rob, we came up with a treat for the nights we don’t get to spend by the fire. You see, we outfitted our yard with a firepit this spring, bought some chairs then bought some vintage furniture and are re-doing it and bought a hammock and got […]

Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Brown Sugar Banana Bread Recipe #kidsinthekitchen

Baking is one of the easiest and most fun ways to get your kids involved in the kitchen. It’s especially awesome when the child asks to make a particular dish. This Brown Sugar Chocolate Chip Banana Bread is something I’ve been making for 12 years and everyone loves it. I’ve made little modifications over the […]