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Five Star Home Foods for Home Delivery

Five Star Home Foods Home Delivery in Delaware

We are officially customers of Five Star Home Foods. This past week we accepted our first delivery of natural and organic foods while avoiding the grocery store, coupons, long lines and unloading from the car. Five Star Home Foods is the largest home delivery grocery service in my area but they are growing. Five Star […]

Grand Turk Island #CruisingCarnival

#CruisingCarnival Fantasy Family Travel Vacation

We’re in the middle of our Carnival Cruise aboard the Fantasy. I planned on sharing more in the trip sooner but it’s been a very exciting few days with very little down time. Our first stop at Grand Turk Island was anything but busy and on the go. We spent a couple hours relaxing under palm trees, […]

Fitmark Bags for Healthy Food on the Go

Fitmark Bags, Totes and Accessories #review #health

In our house it’s pool season. Our neighborhood pool is like a 2nd home from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  Being there all day is so much fun but it can wreck havoc on  my body when I’m trying to eat healthy.  Planning out my meals has been imperative for the last few weeks as […]

2014 Kia Soul #DriveSTI

kia soul

I love driving new cars even if they aren’t mine and recently I had the chance to drive the 2014 Kia Soul for a week also known as an urban hatchback. The first think I noticed when I got home from work was the awesome red color (Inferno Red) and the sick 18 inch alloy wheels. […]

Metal Mouth No More #InvisalignTalk

Invisalign Teen Straight Talk #alternativetobraces #InvisalignTalk

Sabreena came home from the dentist, “I need braces”. We all looked at her wondering what she was talking about.  “The dentist said I need braces  soon.”  She said it again.  I was confused because from looking at her teeth and smile she had no issues.  We weren’t the experts so we went ahead and […]

Recharging this Summer with Netflix #StreamTeam

Netflix Stream Team

I’m so happy to be done with school and to have plenty of time this summer to watch

Passport to Imagination Crafts with Michaels Stores

Passport To Imagination

Summer Vacation has officially started. Have you already heard the moans and groans of “I’m bored”.  Michaels’ Passport to Imagination is where you should head each week to take advantage of the fun BUT inexpensive activities available for kids. Each week one of North America’s top museums partners with Michaels to bring a craft to […]

New Balance 711 Trainer Review

New Balance 711 Trainer Review #runner

The road to weightloss and healthy living is a long bumpy one. There are many distractions and excuses that get in the way. The best way to stay focused and on track is to have a goal and enlist the help from products you trust and rely on. New Balance is one of those brands. […]

Pay with your Phone with Isis Wallet #MC

isis logo

Being a Verizon customer comes with lots of perks; great service , wide coverage and useful apps. Isis Wallet is one of these useful apps. It’s an app that makes shopping easier at some of your favorite retail locations. I can run my daily errands with just my car keys, phone and sunglasses in my […]

That Time I Met Bruce Willis

That time I met Bruce Willis

The elevator doors opened and the room took my breath away. In front of me was a room full of A-List Celebrities dressed to the nines, camera ready because I was prepared with mine. I took a few steps to the face that first caught my attention, Bruce Willis. He was gorgeous, cold and rigid […]