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Ten ways of involving your children in cleaning

Cleaning can be fun while having your kids around. Some people have false pretenses that your kids can only make more mess while cleaning and only aggravate and frustrate their parents this way. But why deny the kids and yourself some fun while tidying up your homes and living areas. We have browsed around the […]

When to Choose Urgent Care Over Family Doctor

We have been going to our family doctor for the last 16 years and we LOVE him.  We started going to him when Sabreena was about 4 and he is the only doctor that the kids really know.  He’s such a great doctor that he does everything he can to fit us into his schedule when needed […]

Quick and Easy Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

It can be hard to believe that we are shortly going to be coming up to fall! It is the time of the year that the kids are all going back to school, so your mind does naturally turn towards the next season. A favorite holiday in fall when you have kids, has got to […]

5 Ways To Survive On a Sleepless Schedule

Wake up, do it again. Between the breakfasts, getting kids ready for schools, early conference calls the busy working mom has her hands full. Interestingly enough, many men and women alike are wired for night time circadian rhythms. When your biological rhythms differ from your daily rhythms, there’s a few things you can do keep […]

Making it Through Your Child’s Teenage Years

You thought once you made it out of the Terrible Twos you were scot-free, but then pre-teen years set in, and pretty soon, you had yourself a full-fledged teenager. Many parents find their child’s teenage years rife with disagreements, new stresses, and a brand new set of worries. If you’ve got a child who’s become […]

Advice on Handling Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs: Merciless Invaders You don’t have to be an unhygienic individual to become beset with these night-time menaces. Bed bugs can creep into your house through an open window, on the back of a pet, in a suitcase via baggage handling, or even through the walls; coming from another house. Did you know that […]

5 Important Insurance Plans Your Family Should Have

Navigating the various insurance policies can be a little more than confusing. It’s essential to sift through varying coverage options to ensure your family is covered in the case of any emergency or disaster. Consider incorporating these insurance plans into your financials and keep your family protected no matter what comes your way. Life Insurance […]

Top Tips for Choosing a High School for Your Children

If you have a child heading off to high school in the coming months or years, or have one already attending a school but who needs a change, there are many factors to consider before you make your decision. With so many schooling options available these days, and education and school life so important to […]

3 Amazing Ways to Use Baby Powder That You’ve Never Considered

Baby powder may have been invented for use on babies, but that doesn’t mean that little bums are the only thing to use it on! The sweet smelling powder does a lot more than offer up a preventative measure to diaper rash. In fact, there are quite a few off-the-wall ways to use baby powder […]

A Delicious Mediterranean Diet Can Help Fight Cancer

You know that you and your family should be eating as many healthy foods as possible. This may seem like a challenge. After all, all moms know how hard it can be to tell kids to finish their whole serving of broccoli. Fortunately, there are better ways to get the vegetables on the plate and […]