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10 Christening Gift Ideas

10 Christening Gift Ideas

While a child will never remember the day he or she was christened, for parents, extended family, church family, and friends, a christening means the world. Giving a child its Christian name and dedicating the little one to God: these are momentous milestones to be cherished and remembered for years to come. To mark such […]

Tips for a Snore-Free Night


Snoring is definitely a nuisance to anyone around you at night and it means that you are not sleeping as well as you should. It used to be considered no big deal because it’s such a common problem, but more studies have shown that it’s something worth getting checked out. When you snore, you expend […]

Must-Haves for the Modern Dad


Has anyone else noticed something strange and kind of wonderful going on with dads lately? Everywhere I look, I see fathers who have forgone the Hawaiian shirts (good riddance!), ditched wearing socks with those leather sandals, and shaken off the tyranny of the comb-over (just ick!). And perhaps even more unbelievable, these same dads who […]

Top Five Family Fun Destinations

family vacations

We all know that the weather at home can leave much to be desired, which leaves many of us hopping on a plane with our families to escape. So here is a run down of the top five family fun destinations, with plenty to do whatever your age. The Canary Islands The Canary Islands have […]

Top 3 Tips for a Perfect Family Vacation

Three Kids Jumping  by Teri Hawley

Okay, we all know that there’s really no such thing as ‘perfect’ but it’s not impossible to come close to perfect, especially for a family vacation. Family vacations can be extremely overwhelming to plan since there are so many aspects, but if you follow these top 3 tips your family will be well on their […]

Michigan International Speedway with #HungryJack

IMG_0824 (1)

I am a Hungry Jack Ambassador and this was a compensated trip but all opinions are %100 my own!!!!! When I received an email to become a #HungryJack ambassador I was super excited because my first thought was “I LOVE PANCAKES” but once I found out that they were sending me to Michigan to do some […]

What Were You Born To Do?


I was compensated for this post by The Motherhood on behalf of  March of Dimes but all opinions are %100 my own!!!!! I am not sure how you answered the question “What were you born to do” but I can say #ImBornTo be a great father and an awesome husband. This past weekend my family […]

7 Great Summer Adventure Activities for Kids

7 Great Summer Adventure Activities for Kids

The summer holidays are a great time for the kids – but if you’re a mom or dad and not quite prepared, keeping your kids occupied can be challenging! So plan ahead and keep your little ones happy with these 7 great adventure activities: Plan a treasure hunt Who doesn’t love finding hidden stuff? A […]

Celebrate Father’s Day with HHGregg and All Pro Dad

hhgregg Father's Day Gift Guide for Every dad

This Father’s Day don’t just shop for dad at HHGregg, participate in a celebratory event with giveaways, activities and even an obstacle course. Families in the Atlanta, Indianapolis and Tampa Bay areas are invited to HHGregg on June 20th from 2-4. The Indianapolis the event will take place at the hhgregg store in downtown Indianapolis […]

Shopping Kohls for Father’s Day Gifts

Kohls for Father's Day Gifts

I’m easy to please. For Father’s Day I want to spend the day with my  kids doing something fun.  Homemade cards, a hearty breakfast and someone else to mow the lawn is really all I ask.  This year I was tasked with finding other Father’s Day gift ideas at Kohls. Twist my arm!! Melinda says […]