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5 Ways to Avoid Debt Collectors

According to Time Magazine, over a third of all Americans have some sort of debt reported to debt collection agencies. There are a variety of reasons behind this, ranging from switching cell phone carriers with a balance still due to one service provider all the way to to not paying larger loans. Nobody wants to […]

Bathroom Redo DONE Olympic Paints #BringontheColor Campaign

Some of you may have read HERE how I was selected for the #BringontheColor campaign from Olympic Paints.  It means we got the opportunity to redo a room in our house .  Melinda and I selected our master bathroom because not only was it the most hideous room in the house with the ugliest dark […]

Hormones That Can Cause Hair Loss In Women And Men

Hormones have a huge impact on our body, helping with various functions that people do not actually expect. One of them is hair growth. The hormones will have an equal effect in both women and men and the truth is that hair loss can happen at any time if you do not take the right […]

Everything You Need to Know About Vow Renewals

It seems more and more couples are choosing to get their vows renewed, and though the reasons vary, the end result is the same—a gorgeous ceremony that allows a couple to reaffirm or add to the promises made in their first year of marriage. From questions about rings to outfit options, these are our fun […]

Cooking With Your Kids

Image Courtesy of If you have children, you try to devise new ways to have fun with them while keeping them busy. You can prepare fun foods and cooking with your children is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Cooking with the family can create family memories and teach your children to be […]

Planning the Perfect 4th of July Party

Summer is here, and with this warm season comes school breaks for your little ones, days spent by the pool, and of course, the most wonderful summer celebration there is—the Fourth of July. Most employees across the United States get this fun day off, and with this year’s occasion falling on a Monday, that means […]

How to Shop for Yourself as a Mom

Once you become a mom, it is easy for that role to take over your entire life. It can often be a little difficult to think of yourself as anything else. This is especially true if you are home a lot with very young children. Being a mom is one of the most amazing things […]

Keep Yourself Healthy With Tea

As we race around to take care of a family and everything else that a busy life requires, many of us neglect our own health. We’re up early to find lost homework and we stay up late to bake cupcakes or do laundry. Relaxation and sleep aren’t even on our to-do lists. That works in […]

5 Fast Tips for a Tidier Home and More Generous Giving

While spring cleaning may get your house sparkling clean after the long, stuffy winter, an annual scrubbing isn’t all your house needs to look neat and tidy. Clutter can accumulate in one day ― or in one hour, if you have kids ― and hide all the hard work you did with the vacuum and […]

Moving Tips to Make Life Easier

Nobody likes moving. While the end destination may be a dream, the process of packing up an entire household and transporting it anywhere from across town to across the country is a major pain. So, what in the world are you suppose to do to make it easier? We have a few helpful tips you […]