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Don’t Ignore This Advice If You Want Healthy Kids!

Who doesn’t want healthy kids? Kids soak up things like a sponge when they are younger, and many of us don’t realize just how much the things we say and do affect them. If we say things we shouldn’t about their eating habits for instance, even in jest, it can affect them later on in […]

Favorite Places To Shop For Craft Supplies

If you are a regular reader of the blog, then you will know that we love crafts! It is so fun to create something new; the kids have a blast with it too. If you are here for the first time then now you know that we love crafts. As a result, I thought it […]

5 Outdoor Activities Kids Love

What was your favorite activity as a kid? If your answer includes something that you can do outdoors … then you’re not the only one! Both children and adults alike love being outdoors, getting fresh air, and soaking up the sunlight. For this reason, we’ve listed five activities below so your kids will be sure […]

Want Your Kids To Spend More Time In Your Garden? Read This

Pic via Flickr A garden is a perfect place for kids to have fun, get healthy and learn new things. Yet many parents find it difficult to get their kids to spend any time in their outdoor space. This is often because kids see spending time indoors as a more appealing option. As parents, it’s […]

Forget London! Here’s Why You Should Make Blackpool Your Destination Of Choice On Your Trip To The UK

Planning a break to the UK anytime soon? Whilst London certainly has plenty of attractions, other parts of the British Isles also have lots to offer. Plus, you can avoid the hustle and overpopulation of larger UK cities by venturing out to some of its lesser-known gems. Get nostalgic and revisit days of old by […]

Perfect Gifts for the Sports Lover

Do you know someone who lives and breathes sports? Who swings the bat in his dreams? Who yells and throws stuff at the TV during football season? Who has a panic attack when the sports page was inadvertently left out of his Sunday paper? Yep, we know that guy, too. And if you’re buying a […]

Fun and Active Days Out to Trick the Kids into Exercise

Getting the kids to get off their butts isn’t always easy. Some of them love to run around at any opportunity, but sometimes all they want to do is play video games. If you’re struggling to remove them from in front of the TV, a day out might be just the thing you need. You […]

Looking After Your Teenage Son Without Being Overbearing

Image credit There are two things that all parents of boys know to be very true. Number one: boys aren’t easy! Number two: the teenage years aren’t easy! So what does this mean? That when your sweet little boy suddenly turns into your teenage son, it can be difficult for everyone! The first thing to […]

Beating Cyberbullying: Seven Tips To Turn Your Kids Into Digital Avengers

Our parenting skills have to be taken to another level now that we live in an age where bullies can verbally abuse our kids in the safety of their own bedroom. We want to raise kids who know how to speak up for themselves and for others. Kids who don’t simply ignore cyberbullying when they […]

Bargaining like a Pro: Flea Market Tips and Tricks

Going to the flea market can be a fun and family-friendly way to spend a morning or afternoon. It’s also a great way to pick up some really killer steals on premium, hand-crafted items, such as furniture, lighting, rugs and more. One of the things that most people forget, or don’t realize, about flea markets […]