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Master the Art of Commercial Cleaning Service with These 5 Tips

Running a commercial or domestic cleaning service, just like any other business requires certain skills; like people skills and of course, technical business skills. Likewise, comprehending the business concepts of the professional cleaning services in Chicago area along with what the future may hold will make you stick out as a serious entrepreneur. The guide […]

Keep Your Romance Thriving All Winter Long

Guys, you might be running around getting ready for the holidays, or simply trying to stay out of your wife’s way while she does (some of us just aren’t cut out for holiday planning, and I’m brave enough to admit that). While you might both be busy, don’t forget to make time for each other. […]

Make it Retro Cocktail Party for the Holidays

Getting together for the holidays is important.  It helps reconnect good friends, build family relationships and allows everyone some much needed fun and smiles. These gatherings can be a stress inducer though. The planning, the shopping, the lists, the decorating, the cooking; it’s a lot happening in a very short period of time. You have […]

Becoming a Gestational Surrogate Mother

There are multiple steps to becoming a gestational surrogate mother. If you’ve decided to carry another couple’s baby for nine months, you want to make sure you’re ready to embark on the experience. This is an intensely personal and life-altering process for you as a surrogate mother, and the couple you’re helping to become parents.  […]

Gifts for the Guy Who Has Everything

Each year I struggle with some of the same few people on my shopping list; Rob and my Dad. Both of them need nothing. Both of them get the things they want and need througout the year so gift giving ends up being a game of frivolous versus tear jerker. My dad is sentimental so […]

Four Ways to Raise a Child Who Will Change the World

Raising a child in this day and age can be a scary thing. Not only do you want to ensure that you keep your children safe from harm, but you want to give them the best start possible to help them compete in our ever globalizing world. Not only do young people face competition from […]

6 Things to Remember When Visiting For the Holidays

The holidays are meant to be a joyous time, but finding the right gifts, attending the many events on your December calendar, and traveling to visit out-of-town family can cause an undue amount of stress. If you’re heading out to stay with family for the holidays, keep these tips in your arsenal to ensure your […]

Everyone is Beautiful

What is beauty? Is beauty a set of dimensions? Is beauty a monetary independence? Is beauty something you can buy, or something that exists regardless of any monetary expense? Is beauty something definite, or indefinite? These are important questions. Beauty has a subjective quality to it. There are some who would say the barren landscape […]

Scrumptious Surprises for the Lady in your Life

They always say the way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach, but we think that’s a little unfair for the ladies. Every gal deserves a sweet, delicious treat, and you can make her day, week, or month with the right scrumptious surprises. If you’re in need of some ideas, read on and figure […]

Winter Is Coming

So I can’t believe I am saying this but Winter Is Coming which means it’s time to get ready for the freezing temps and possible snow. Believe it or not I don’t mind the cold weather or the snow to some extent.  I like snow here and there but I’m not a huge fan of […]