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Dealing With a Car Accident While on Vacation

Going on a trip can be an experience that is very exciting. Many people find that being able to get away from it all, even for just a few days, can be a great way to deal with the stress of their everyday lives. Unfortunately, vacations – like everything else in life – don’t always […]

HomeSelfe’s Guide to Energy Tax Credits

HomeSelfe is dedicated to helping you learn the ins and outs of saving energy in your home. Why? It’s simple—the less energy you use, the less coal, oil, and other fossil fuels will need to be burned to generate electricity, which means the environment will not be exposed to as many power plant emissions. In […]

These Are Important Tips to Remember When Ordering Flowers Online

Right now, everything can be bought online. Go on, do a quick search on any of the big commerce websites and type in that book or hardware you have been planning on purchasing for the longest time. In fact, most of the time, before we go to the malls to go from one shop to […]

3 Kids Games That Are Perfect for an Adult Night Out

Studies show adults who play games are happier and often more relaxed as a result of their gaming habits. Games act as a great way to escape the stress of life. Parents often play their favorites with their kids – but what if there was a way to bump those classics up a notch to […]

Awesome Candy Buffet Ideas For Teens

Candy buffets are everywhere. From the toddler party to elegant weddings, the ideas are endless. The table is decorated according to the theme and the candy is irresistible. The wow factor is incredible. But there is one area people have overlooked. Teenagers have celebrations and a candy buffet is perfect for the. They have the […]

Making your Vacation Destination Southern California

With an average temperature near perfect at 72 degrees, it isn’t hard to understand why many people plan to take their vacation in southern California. Not only is the temperature desirable, but along the southern coast, there are seemingly endless things to do, accommodating most anyone’s interests.  You can choose to stay in a hotel and […]

Surviving Troubled Times: Fun and Soothing Ways to Comfort Your Hospitalized Child

Being the hospital can be scary for children and exhausting for worried parents, so if your child is having a stay in hospital it’s important that you think of ways to keep her spirits up and have plenty of low-key activities available to help pass the time quickly. Here are some ideas to help you. […]

5 Best Summer Clothes for Your Kid

Clothes are not just about the fashion and the way we look. When it comes to your kids, the clothes you put on them can help protect them and keep them comfortable and healthy. When the summer heat begins to treat us, a lot of parents can make the mistake of thinking the less clothes, […]

New Country, New Classroom: Top Tips for Helping Your Children Adjust to a Major Move

In the US alone, it’s estimated that over 1,260,000 people move to a different country each year – that’s a lot of families! Moving abroad is associated with a variety of benefits including meeting new people, experiencing an entirely different culture and even learning a new language but, when the entire family are involved, there […]

The Importance Of Being Honest With Your Children About Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that many people find themselves facing at least once during their teenage years. In many cases, facing peer pressure is a daily occurrence. Since there are so many dangers that can result from giving into those pressures, it is important to make sure that you are talking to your children about […]