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5 Best Summer Clothes for Your Kid

Clothes are not just about the fashion and the way we look. When it comes to your kids, the clothes you put on them can help protect them and keep them comfortable and healthy. When the summer heat begins to treat us, a lot of parents can make the mistake of thinking the less clothes, […]

New Country, New Classroom: Top Tips for Helping Your Children Adjust to a Major Move

In the US alone, it’s estimated that over 1,260,000 people move to a different country each year – that’s a lot of families! Moving abroad is associated with a variety of benefits including meeting new people, experiencing an entirely different culture and even learning a new language but, when the entire family are involved, there […]

The Importance Of Being Honest With Your Children About Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is something that many people find themselves facing at least once during their teenage years. In many cases, facing peer pressure is a daily occurrence. Since there are so many dangers that can result from giving into those pressures, it is important to make sure that you are talking to your children about […]

Missing the Kids: Top Android Apps for Parents Who Travel a Lot

It is always difficult when you are a parent who has to spend a lot of time away from your kids as a result of work commitments, but there are some good ways to keep in touch with them. You will always want the chance to be able to catch up with news of their […]

Protecting Your Teen Driver

Having kids is stressful enough when they’re little. There’s always a problem at school, a sudden fever, or a temper tantrum to deal with. In time, many of these problems go away–only to be replaced by other worries. Eventually, your child will hit the age at which your state says it’s legal for them to […]

Brighter Birthdays: Make Your Child Feel LIke a Superstar on Their Special Day

Who loves celebrating birthdays more than children?  When it’s time to celebrate your child’s birthday, all bets are off.  You want it to be a day they will always remember.  Of course, your child is going to be thrilled it’s their birthday anyway, but if you want them to feel like a superstar, then you […]

Work, Play, Life, Love: The Most Popular Android Apps From 2016

If you own an Android device, you have access to a huge range of apps on the Google Play store. Sometimes when you find an app and start using it, you wonder how you possibly survived without it in the past. Here are some of the most popular apps in 2016 that you might want […]

Shopping for a New Baby: Reasons to Think Twice Before Getting Used Gear

The expenses keep on coming when you have a baby, which makes it tempting to consider buying a few used items to keep the cost down. You might argue that babies don’t stay in things for long so you might be tempted to buy something that is almost like new. And with social media making […]

Getting a Ride: Road Rules and Responsibilities Kids Need to Know

It’s estimated that parents drive a colossal 27,000 miles just giving their children lifts. Often, to save time and fuel, many parents with kids attending the same school/club will often share lifts, meaning many children and teenagers are often receiving lifts off adults who aren’t their parents. No matter what the vehicle and no matter […]

When Silence is Safer: Quick Tips to Teach Your Children How to Behave in Any Vehicle

Regardless of whether it’s a long-haul drive or a quick drive to school, kids have the potential to misbehave and create mayhem in virtually any vehicle. Especially for younger children, the prospect of being strapped in to an uncomfortable car seat is certainly not appealing, and they will often do everything in their power to […]