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Robeez Review and Fashion Show

We got a of pair of Robeez and I must say YUMMY. These booties are so comfy warm and soft and adorable I want to run out and get a pair of pink also. This is the pair I got, Robeez Fashion Booties Heart Brown, for a great price too ( I can’t reveal my source)! I really love embroidery on anything, it gives gives stuff that little extra something. The furry lining runs throughout the shoe all the way to the toes and the elastic holds them on securely so no losing shoes at the mall or grocery store. These are soft soled so outside walking isn’t recommended, even though our old Robeez lasted lots of walks up and down the sidewalk and to my son’s bustop. Shae loves shoes so we’ve never had a problem getting her to put on shoes or socks or even clothes, barrettes are our only problem. She’s also more than willing to show you her new shoes.

Sorry she’s not looking, Elmo was on the TV screen at that very moment.