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MJM Books Personalized Kid’s Book Review and Giveaway

We’ve been lucky that our kids have always enjoyed books. Sabreena can often be found buried in a corner of the sofa with book in her hands and there have been many mornings that I’ve gone into Shae’s room and there are a dozen books on her bed that she has leafed through on her own. Each of them have received special books throughout the years that mark special occasions or represent specific relationships or emotions. These are the books that mean the most.

MJM Books LLC has created a special product just for people like us. Their personalized and customizable children’s books are aimed at engaging a child’s interest by letting them be the character in the story. This unique idea was thought up by 3 brothers, Mike, Jeff and Matt (MJM). It all started with Matt’s little girl Olivia. In order to give her an extra-special Christmas present one year, uncle Jeff used her spunky personality as the inspiration to write “If I Were Big”. She of course loved it as did the rest of the family and their friends. MJM Books was born out of this love and everyone’s desire to have a book written with their child as the star. The stories are just the start. The illustrations are what bring the story to like. Each story utilizes the unique characteristics of its own artist. See a preview of “A Day at the Park”

Using your child’s physical attributes MJM Books customizes a story to feature them also using their name. When I first read the story to Shae she instantly looked up at me and repeated her name, she had never heard her name be said in such a manner. A special dedication is also inserted into the book. With Shae’s birthday coming up I thought it would be appropriate to review “If I Were Big” and dedicate to our baby girl. But this would be perfect for any occasion or holiday; there is never a bad time for a book. Below is me reading “If I Were Big”, I hope you notice at the end when she says “re re”, that means read it again. It’s obvious she loves it and I know you will love it too.

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