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NewWaveEnviro Eco-friendly Evaluation

So of course we started back to school shopping. Notebooks, pencils, crayons, binders and so much more were needed. Luckily the kids didn’t need backpacks but they did need lunch bags. Shaun actually went through 2 last year just from being so rough. Sabreena went the green route and used one of my compact reusable bags. It worked fine but everything was rolling around loose in the bag.

New Wave Enviro sent Sabreena a great alternative, a 100% bamboo lunch bag and stainless steel water bottle. Not only will she keep it green she do it a little easier too. This super soft expandable lunch bag is going to hold not just her lunch but the snack she needs after school while doing extra-curriculars plus the goodies she brings to share with her friends. Because it’s bamboo it’s naturally anti-bacterial, strong as steel and soft as silk.

New Wave Enviro provides a full line of eco-friendly products like a 1 liter stainless steel water bottle, corn-based reusable water bottles, water filtration products and other green living goods. Petroleum based plastic is filling up our landfills, sewers and streets plus releasing toxins into our water systems. New Wave Enviro has designed a complete line of reusable water bottles made from recyclable Eastar resin and biodegradable corn-based plastic.
Water filtration is where New Wave Enviro is got its green living start.

Chlorine gas was used extensively in WW1 as a chemical warfare agent. Today it is used in municipal water supplies to deliver water to our homes free of microscopic contaminants. However it serves no useful purpose on or in our bodies. New Wave designs, patents and manufactures water filters that remove harmful chlorine & other contaminants from shower, bath and drinking water at home and away from home.

New Wave Enviro manufactures drinking water filters, shower filters, bathtub filters and “on the go” filters for theirp corn-based reusable water bottle.

Win your own Bamboo lunch bag and 1 liter stainless steel water bottle from New Wave Enviro and LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Visit New Wave Enviro and tell me anther product you would like to try out for a greener, cleaner lifestyle.

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