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My Kids Love Halloween

So last night was Halloween and my kids love this day and have been excited about it for a while.  Actually what kid wouldn’t love this day. This is the only day where you can go to other peoples houses that you don’t know and ask for free candy.  Sounds like a win win to me for any kid. 


Shae was Velma and she looked so good and Shaun was a soldier and he looked awesome as well.  We did a little Trick or Treating and I think the kids did pretty well but not as well in years past.  I am assuming it had something to do with the economy but who knows.  I remember in years past most houses would give out candy but not anymore.  This year I would say maybe 1-10 houses were giving out candy. 

All in all it was a pretty good Halloween.  A little chilly but still a great night.


  1. They looked great! We actually had a surprisingly good year. lots of chocolate!

  2. awww what fun cute costumes. Seems like we ran into people not being home or hiding from the door. lol. It wasn’t bad thought as long as the kids got half a bag they were happy. I don’t even think it was getting candy that was fun. They just loved yelling trick or treat and banging on doors. lol

  3. Awww how cute! They look great!

  4. You’re right. What kid wouldn’t love Halloween. Our son learned to love it this year even though not many people were giving out candy. It made me sad and mad at the same time. A few good souls restored my faith in humanity though.

    Your kids look great!

  5. Great costumes and so glad you could get out there with them! Don’t steal too much candy!

  6. Velma is da bomb!

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