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Organize your Shopping and Wishlists with Rightcliq by Visa

Shopping season is among us. If you’re at all like me you have a tattered piece of paper with ideas, stores, sizes and colors all over it. This is my Christmas Wishlist; well not just mine but things I want for the kids and other family and friends. There is a new way organize all of these lists now, Rightcliq by Visa.

So Rightcliq is an online tool to help keep your shopping lists or wishlists in order. Most of us shop online, maybe you browse online and shop in brick and mortar stores but for the most part it starts at your fingertips. Righcliq allows you to save all of those awesome finds together, on one page instead of a sidebar of different website bookmarks. Since signing up for my free account last week I’ve set up a wishspace not just for things I want but gift ideas for others.

rightcliq dashboard

The process is quite simple actually. Download the little Rightcliq widget that sits in your toolbar and when you find that perfect gift for Aunt Sally, click the button, highlight the product and Viola it’s in your “wishspace”. There’s also a Notes box where you can add information like who this is for, their birthday or even the quantity. Some sites I’ve found aren’t 100% compatible, it might not pull a picture or a complete description or a price but overall I’ve found it to be helpful. I’ve been adding things to my “wishspace” , sharing it with Rob so he can see all the great gift ideas I have not just for the kids but for family.

rightcliq wishspace bundles

Black Friday Sale may be the biggest shopping day of the year, but make everyday the best shopping experience you’ve ever had.. What better way to get a headstart on the hectic shopping than to get your “wants” and “needs” all in one spot so you can shop smarter, faster and more organized. Stay updated on Rightcliq’s latest offers and news by liking them on Facebook or becoming a Twitter follower.

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