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Remind Me, Whose Blog Is This?

2010/11/24 at 9:46 AM
I’ve noticed that a lot of kids in teh younger elementary grades seem to have similar problems. 2nd grade today is what 3rd grade was 10 years ago. Kids are really being pushed to their limits in school.
I also wanted to say that I have followed your blog for a long time and can’t help but feel like shaun is always talked about negatively. I’d be really hurt if my parents had kept a blog when I was little and then I went back and read all of the posts about my adorable sister and then all the posts about me were mostly negative. I assume that’s not your intention but I wanted to point it out in case you were unaware.
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We received the above comment into our moderation the other day on our post I’m a Little Surpised But Not Really. It talked about the progress Shaun has been making at school. If you are a real follower of our blog and actually read the stories we write about our kids you would know Shaun is the knucklehead, Sabreena is the braniac and Shae is the dramaqueen. We post about all 3 of them, good and bad, funny and sad, embarrassing and proud. When I first read the comment I just thought I’ll just delete it, I’m not really into someone criticizing MY parenting or MY content on MY blog but I thought about what this person said and I got pissed. I did a little research, they had never been on our site before this post, where they spent over 16 minutes reading it. Maybe it’s someone who I know but logging on from somewhere else and wanted to get something off their chest. Maybe their goal was to start some shit, piss me off on my birthday or just get a reaction, well it worked.

I can say whayever the hell I want, if you don’t like it move on but don’t think that it’s ok to leave a nasty comment telling me I’m doing an injustice to my children or treating them unfairly. You obviously don’t know us . Last time I checked it was my signature on the bottom of the posts. Haters aren’t welcome so keep it moving.

(I know I keep saying ME and MINE but I do truly mean Rob and I, ME sounds way better than OUR)


  1. Hand up sister! I’m high fiving you virtually. Don’t let them take away one more moment of joy and celebration on YOUR day.

  2. Very well said! I love reading all of your posts about your kids. Of course, different personalities shine through because, well, all kids are different. Keep on blogging mama (and daddy!)

    And have a very Happy Birthday.

    Happy Thanksgiving as well!

  3. Do you worry about Rob reading this and feeling that all the “me” “me” “me” excludes him? I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and all of your posts are always signed “Melinda”. Men need reassurance and I worry that he’d be hurt if we went back someday and read your posts. I wasn’t sure if you were even aware that you were ruining lives so just felt I’d mention it to make you self-conscious and pissed for all of eternity.

  4. I haven’t had a letter like this sent to me yet but I figure it’s only a matter of time. lol The other day I got my first “Your reviews are really ads and we can’t trust you” email so I’m learning to grow a thicker skin. I love blogging and you definitely can’t change your style because of ONE person who probably doesn’t really read your blog anyway. It amazes me that people have time to go around telling other people how to run their lives and blogs!

  5. Linda @ Life with a BIG family says

    I know what you mean. I had a comment from an anonymous person telling me that my family wasn’t big (my blog is Life with a BIG family). They read my about me section and I didn’t mention the rest of the family, even though in my first post I mention that It was me and my daughter and that I lived with my parents, brothers and sisters. If they had taken the time to go through my blog they would have discovered why my blog is named what it is. I got a little pissed off I mean really your going to leave a negative comment when you can’t even take the time to ready my blog. It’s true it’s our personal blog if someone doesn’t like a post don’t read it and move on but don’t leave negative comments if you don’t know the whole story.

  6. People suck. It’s someone with too much time on their hands who will have karma kick their ass when they least expect it.

  7. Way to go! Haters have nothing good to say and should button their lips.

  8. Happy birthday Melinda… don’t let the assholes get you down.
    You said exactly what you you should have said – it’s YOUR blog, say whatever the hell you want!

  9. I get all kinds of comments and e-mails. it is really hard when someone calls you a bad parent or thT your children are fat. I get e-mails like that a lot. it makes me so mad because really they have no idea. they would have to be a close friend to even come close to understanding our lives. they only know what they read and one post, or one day can not be enough to say you are going to ruin someone. sheesh, I wish i had that kind of time to leave comments like that. I would do something more productive

  10. You can never please everyone and that is why as bloggers, we must first post for ourselves. I think you handled the situation well!

  11. Oh wow I can’t believe ….. well no I take that back I can believe someone would put that. People have nothing better to do than criticize others. I’ve read a lot of posts on here (and while I stink at commenting lol) I have never thought that you were always talking about him a negative way. ((hugs)) to you.

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