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I forgot about this

I was going through old youtube videos and found this one of Shae. We honestly watched the Lion Sleeps Tonight video over and over and over and over and she LOVED it. She’s so little here, LookWhatMomFound wasn’t even a thought then. Of course I teared up when I watched it, i miss her at this stage.

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  1. Aw. Looking at old videos always make me cry a little too.

    • I looked over while Melinda watching this video and asked her “Are you crying”. LOL. Shae is too cute in that video and cubby.

  2. they warm your heart yet make you cry at the same time. Kids grow up way too quickly

  3. What a cute video. I miss my girls at that age-they’re 12 & 9 now.Time goes by too fast

    • I remember when our 15 yr old was 4 yrs old. I miss that too. She is now a freshmen in high school and looking into colleges. Time flies way to fast.

  4. Awww what a cutie, I miss this age as well. Now I have to deal with tantrums and I’m sure it will only get worse

    • the tantrums sometimes make me laugh because they are over the silliest things now LOL i try my best not to laugh but the ridiculousness is out of control LOL

      • Oh ye I know. Zoe was throwing a fit over who knows what 2 nights ago. Ran up to her room and said “why am I acting like this” I said what honey…she screamed ” I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to myself” I died!! If this is starting at 3 I hate to see her in her teens, I’m scared

  5. Precious! Love it!! I was trying to find a video the other day on YouTube and spent an hour there and downloaded old ones and it’s amazing how fast they grow.

  6. Shae is my great granddaughter’s age in that video…..they must all love music and dance because Shayda does too.

  7. THat’s very cute! I miss them at that age too, We had a home video night the other day and it was very sad!

  8. So cute!

  9. Love the chub. I miss that stage too. Back then she reminded me so much of Loch. It’s hard watching “the baby” grow up.

  10. Look how tiny! It made me sigh — I wish I could keep them tiny for longer!

  11. Adorable! I love how chunky she is!

    • it’s funny too look back and see how chubby she really was, now she’s tall and lean, kinda 🙂

  12. babies just grow up to fast. She is a cutie

  13. Michelle says

    OMG, that is too cute. It is so fascinating how they already have preferences so young!

    Time flies doesn’t it?

  14. Such a sweet little love!!! Times flies soooooo fast 🙁

  15. Omg, she’s a pinch pinch. I tape little man all the time now too.

  16. Awww so cute!!! Time just flies by doesn’t it…

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