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The Time Is Almost Here

Driving is expensive to begin with these days considering the price of gas, maintenance, etc so needless to say I’m not looking forward to the day when Sabreena gets her drivers license which is right around the corner.

Getting a car insurance quote has to be a parents biggest fear when their teen obtains there drivers license. I know right now Melinda and I pay a fortune for car insurance as I am sure a lot of American families do. I can remember not getting my drivers license until I was close to eighteen and I am not sure what my parents reasoning was behind this considering I already had a car that was given to me by my aunt. Maybe they weren’t enthused with getting a car insurance quote for their eighteen year old son. I am sure as soon as they added me to their insurance the rate doubled. I understand new drivers are a higher risk and more of a liability but are they a rate doubling risk/liability?

The good news here is that we have a few things in our favor. Sabreena is a girl and a straight A student so I am hoping that when we go to add her to our car insurance they will take those factors into consideration and have pity on us.

I Disclose