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Desk – Yes or No? That Is The Question

I think this would look nice in the corner of our living room

Melinda and I have been in talks for over a year about whether or not we need a computer desk. We have a little nook in our living room where we could fit a nice little desk.

I think if we had a desk in the living room we would be more productive because believe it or not sitting on the couch and working/blogging gets uncomfortable sometimes. I recently looked at Bush furniture computer desks and they are pretty nice and there are a lot of desks to choose from. Bush offers nice office furniture and business furniture so it doesn’t matter if you are looking for something for home or the office you are sure to find something.

On the flip side I don’t want anything to big that might junk up the room because currently our living room looks nice and symmetrical and another piece of furniture could throw that off.  Yes I mentioned how the room looks good to the eye, LOL.  This has been a long time in the making.  For years we have had toy boxes and toys ALL over the living room floor but now that the kids are getting a little older they are able to clean up and put their toys away.    I thought this day would never come and now that is has it is hard to put additional items in the living room for the fear that it might not look good.

I think I am obsessing over this!!!!  That is what I seem to do often. LOL.

Do you have a desk where you work at?  Do you feel more productive at your desk over say the couch or kitchen table?

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