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Do Men Really Care?

Before I met Melinda which was about 10 years ago I didn’t care about any kind of furniture especially bedroom furniture. My thinking was as long as I had a place to sit and sleep I was golden but realized over time Melinda felt differently and she also changed my thinking as well.

When we first got married we spent a lot of time looking at beds and nightstands as well as dressers. Being that we were somewhat young and just married we decided that Ikea had nice furniture at good prices and decided on a nice nature wood set. At the time I thought we would have this furniture for a few years and then buy a new set but the funny thing is this Ikea set lasted us about 8 years. Actually we still have the nightstands and one of the original dressers which Shaun uses to this day. Over the years we have upgraded a few of the dressers and just recently replaced the Ikea bed with a nice new chocolate wood bed with matching headboard, footboard and side rails. I am actually surprised the Ikea bed lasted so long especially with all of the times we have moved but our last move proved fatal and our Ikea bed didn’t make it from Maryland to Delaware. RIP Ikea bed.

It is crazy to me that we owed bedroom furniture for 8 years. I have never owned anything that long not even a car but I am getting close to achieving that goal as well. LOL.

How old is your bedroom furniture? Do you keep your sets for a long time or upgrade often?

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