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This Car Looks Good In Our Driveway

A little while back Melinda and I had a chance to drive the Ford Flex Titanium while heading to Reviewers Retreat 2011 in the Poconos. First reason I was excited was because we currently own a Ford and love it and the second reason was because the Flex is awesome.

The Ford Flex comes right off the assembly line with 20 inch polished aluminum wheels which makes the cars ride smooth as could be and we didn’t feel the road at all. Another awesome feature of the Ford Flex is the 3.5L EcoBoost twin turbo charged, direct-injected V6 engine which delivers the fuel economy of a V6 with the power of a V8. Trust me when I say even though the Flex is a large car it gets up and goes and yes I tested the engine to see what it could do and I was extremely impressed.

The outside of the Ford Flex is something to look at for sure but the inside of the car is where it’s at. The Ford Flex Titanium comes with voice activated navigation system, SYNC in car connectivity system, Sony audio system, ambient lighting, rear view camera and active park assist. In addition to all of the things I mentioned the Flex we drove had dual head rest TV/DVD players which were awesome because Shaun and Shae could each watch whatever movie they wanted and didn’t have to fight over the movie that was selected. We also tested the navigation system on the way to the Poconos and it worked great and was simple to use as well as the SYNC. I like SYNC because the car’s stereo is the phone’s Bluetooth allowing you to drive safely while talking. The leather heated seats were awesome and the ambient lights inside were cool because the kids liked that is could be orange or purple or blue inside the car.

One of the biggest features for us as a family of five was the spacious interior.  It had a third row with plenty of room and all the way in the back behind the third row was a huge space for all of our luggage for a three day trip.  Shaun and Shae had a ton of room in the second row to relax with their stuffed animals and blankets and Sabreena has more then enough room in the third row.  Overall the Ford Flex was a blast to drive and we received a lot of comments on how nice it looked.  It drove and handled like a dream and had every feature plus  a lot more that you would want on the inside of your vehicle if at a ll possible.

The Ford Flex is a fast sporty vehicle that any person at any age would love to drive.

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