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A SuperHero and Her Sidekick #WW

Shae is Supergirl (spiderman’s daughter NOT girlfriend) and Madi is the jammie girl. Madi was wearing a tutu minutes before this but decided it was interfering with her rescue missions.
superhero costume, spidergirl costume
Dress up is a huge part of our daily play routine. Rob had to build a special cabinet just to hold all of the boys and girls Halloween costumes from years past. We often stock up on accessories and costumes throughout the year just to add to the fun. Yesterday Shae received a SuperGirl costume from Anytime Costumes. It arrived around 2pm and the only time it spent OFF her body was for bath and bedtime. Shae’s been running a fever off and on for a couple days and it stayed on even during the fever spikes.

a sick superhero

I love that she chose something different than her typical princess uniform. Shae and her cousin Madi have been playing superhero non-stop. It’s been fun to watch them “save” each other from things like spiders, alligators and enemies. Not sure if they really know what enemies are but that’s ok, they are playing nicely.

Anytime Costumes has a great selections of costumes for Halloween and beyond. The selection isn’t limited to just kids either. Adult and Plus sized costumes in many themes are available too. Shop with confidence too because returns and exchanges are shipped for free within the continental US.

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  1. how fun! I love how kids can play dress up for no reason! 🙂

  2. That’s funny! Gavin wears his Luigi hat around the house every day still!

  3. I love it! We have a huge costume stash too. It’s a great way to play.

  4. Marianna says

    I love her costume!

  5. super cute & creative costumes!

  6. i love how it is clarified, daughter… not girlfriend 🙂
    so funny

  7. So adorable!! I love dress up!!!!

  8. I love dress up! We need a bigger box for my daughter’s dresses

  9. How cute!

  10. Seriously loving the costume! It’s the best!

  11. Sadly my boys don’t dig dress up, although recently they have taken to wearing star wars masks sometimes.

    • we have few for shaun, Ninja, Transformers, pirate, soldier and football. he plays with shae sometimes

  12. How cute! I miss those days of endless dress up! My daughter had a huge box full 🙂

  13. Misadventurous Mommy says

    SO cute! My Lil Man and Lil Diva dress up almost daily and pretend to save the world!

  14. So glad they had a great time! Just make sure she know’s it Spider Girl and not Super Girl – dont’ want her uneducated in the world of crime-fighting girl power 😛

  15. Oh my gosh they’re adorable! You must have a lot of costumes if you have a cabinet full of them!

  16. Melissa Rheinlander says

    Too cute… My little one has been a dress up fanatic lately!!

  17. oh so cute!!!

  18. How cute those superheros are!

  19. If it did a good job of cheering her up a bit while feeling badly, then it’s extra good!

  20. Awww, they are too cute for words!

  21. So cute!!!

  22. Cute costumes.

  23. So adorable!

  24. Too cute. I hope she is feeling better

  25. They are both adorable, hope Supergirl feels better.

  26. They are both so cute and I love their costumes! Hope she is feeling better.

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