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I Have Issues For Sure

This is NOT My Garage

Do you partake in any spring/summer time cleaning rituals?  We do and it usually involves a few days of cleaning.

Usually twice a year we do a huge cleaning and reorganization of the garage and this year we have expanded that to the downstairs coat closet.  I never realized how jam packed our coat closet was with coats and vacuum cleaners not to mention that in the garage there are also a few additional vacuum cleaners as well as gloves, scarfs and hats.  In total we have four vacuum cleaners but I want to add another one to our collection.  I recently stumbled onto the Miele vacuums and I must admit they are pretty sweet.  I am not sure why I am into vacuum cleaners considering I may vacuum once or twice a month.  Even when I clean my own car I don’t even use the vacuums at home I use the one at the car wash.  I guess I just want Sabreena to have the best vacuum available, LOL.

Anyway about three week ago was when our garage cleaning went down and it was huge because we got a new fridge so the one in the kitchen moved to the garage as overflow but by doing so I needed to totally rearrange so that the fridge would fit.  Making room for the fridge caused me all kinds of extra work because I needed to move everything around just so I could place it close to a water source because I need to hook the ice and water up. The only good thing that came from this was I got an opportunity to get rid of old stuff that I was saving for some weird reason which is a whole other post for another time, LOL.

Ever go to do one simple task and do a total cleaning/rearrange project?  I do all of the time and it kills Melinda when I do.

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