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Nothing Is Free

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Do your kids think everything that comes into the house is free because you are a blogger?

Our kids think that way especially since we are review bloggers since we do get a lot of review items and invitations to events. But I am always telling my kids nothing is FREE. There is a lot of work that goes into reviewing items and my time is money and that is what I always tell my kids. Whether it’s a trip to a local destination or the latest video game there is work that needs to be done in exchange for that item or trip.

So with that being said why do my kids time after time continue to ask if items and events are free?  Can’t they understand that when I am on the computer doing blog related work that is my payment for an item we have received or event we have attended?  If we get invited to an event like Monster Jam or Disney on Ice my kids think that because we didn’t pay for the tickets it was free.  Now if you aren’t a blogger or are a child I am sure you are thinking the same thing because people equate money with items so if no money was exchanged for the event or item in question that makes it free, wrong answer buddy.  First thing you need to learn in life especially is you are a blogger is TIME=MONEY.

My kids seem to have an extremely short memory and never seem to remember that nothing is free.  In a way Melinda and I have created this monster I guess because over the last three years we have gotten more items and have taken more trips than we ever have in the past.  On the other hand they should be grateful and appreciative for the opportunity that we have been given which I think they are for the most part even though it doesn’t always show.  I know that our 16 year old understands how this whole blogging thing works but our 9 year old and 4 year old don’t which I expect but I just wish they would stop asking especially when other people are around because sometimes it puts Melinda and I in an awkward position that I really would prefer not to be in.

When people who are not bloggers hear you are a blogger especially a review blogger a lot of time they will ask if we get a lot of free stuff and I tell them like I tell my kids nothing is ever free.

If you are a blogger do your kids think the same way mine do?  Can you relate to this post?

I Disclose

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  1. I have explained to my kids numerous times that these items coming in daily are not free. Mom works hard and long to write, post, publish, edit, take photos, more editing etc for those items. They know I’m on the computer for work, but just don’t fully understand it all. Heck, at one point they thought I was buying everything. Just because we receive these items to promote, they are far from free. We work our a$$es off for the products!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more and I always tell my kids that I am not always on the computer for the fun of it and sometimes I am working my second job (blogging) LOL.

  2. I’ll bet a lot of kids feel this way! Mine were older (college) so they understood how it worked, but I can totally see how younger ones wouldn’t get it!

    • I agree because our 16 year old understands the whole process (LOL). I am sure in time Shaun will get it and maybe one day Shae will also but who knows.

  3. Tanya Stevens says:

    Nothing is for free, ever. As long as something takes your time and effort for you to earn from it then there is no way it can be said to be for free. But I think the kids will just come to understand in time.

    • I hope so and I will everything was “FREE” like they say, LOL, that would be totally cool with me.

  4. Kids are funny that way. They don’t really have the concept of how money works or how even if you got something “free” you still have to pay taxes on it eventually. Even my 13 yr old thinks we can just get money from somewhere when he wants something, even when we don’t have it. I think the only time they will really understand is when they have to do some effort to earn something for themselves. Maybe you can involve them in the review process. Have your 9 yr old do a review too and get him/her writing it out by hand. (my kiddo hates writing so it would definitely sink in) Once they see how much work goes into it, they might not see it as “free”. The 4 yr old is younger so that might take a while for them to understand.

  5. I completely understand. When we need something my daughter will just say, can’t you review one? I also noticed that when people gave her presents, she was less than grateful since she already had 10 of those. Especially as review bloggers, we have to take time out to keep our kids grounded with the proper view on work and play.

  6. Nikki says:

    It is funny when kids end up thinking like that. Blogging is one job that can take your time and needs a lot of dedication. But in time they will come to understand.

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