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American Girl Bitty Baby Doll

For the last couple of years Shae’s Christmas list has included an American Girl doll. Something clicked with her and she’s hooked just like so many other little girls around the world.Can you imagine the excitement with the release of the Bitty Baby.

Bitty Baby by American Girl

American Girl dolls are the epitome of innocent playtime. The dolls are nothing like the fashion dolls (Barbies, Monster High, Bratz) on the market. These dolls have integrity, stories behind their creation and wholesome accessories that don’t interfere with a young girls growing health and esteem.

Bitty Baby by American Girl


The most recent addition to the American Girl family is the Bitty Baby.  The Bitty Baby twins were already a well loved a popular selection for boys and girls but the Bitty Baby is a little different.  For $80 a Bitty Baby is customizable by skin color, eye color and hair color. These dolls also come with a book and keepsake plush star. Measuring in at 15″ she’s slightly small than the traditional American Girl doll but not by much.   It’s baby doll quality makes it a perfect 1st doll for younger girls.

Bitty Baby by American Girl

Shae chose a brown haired, blue eyed, light skinned baby. She named her Lydia right away. That is Shae’s middle name and my grandmother’s name.

This Bitty Baby is another awesome addition to Shae’s already growing American Girl Doll famil. She’s found a home in Shae’s bed and there is no moving her out of the way.