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Fabric Flower Headband for Kids #craft #handmade

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Shae is a mix of girly girl and tomboy. She’s got a collection of jewelry and lip glosses stored next to her Xbox games and Skylanders figures. She’s always asking for costumes and new shoes so it’s only natural that I make her hair accessories to wear. She recently got her haircut and I wanted to emphasize the bump in the back so I made her this “hipster” fabric flower headband that wraps around her entire head.
Rolled Fabric Flower Headband for Kids #craft

Even better is I didn’t purchase one single thing in order to make it. Saving fabric from outgrown clothing is the best way to create things like this.

First I took a stretchy, shimmery black knit and measured it 8 inches bigger than her head from the base of her head to her forehead. Laying flat it measured about 3″ wide. Scrunched up this was a good fit for her.

With a needle and thread I made bow shape without the huge knot.

Rolled Fabric Flower Headband for Kids #craft

Then I started rolling strips of fabric to create rosettes. These are so simple to make. Essentially you take a strip of fabric, fold it in half (printed side facing out) then twist it. Then you roll in around itself using spots of hot glue to keep it in place. The harder your twist the tighter your flower will be. Don’t stop at fabric though. Ribbons and lace work perfectly too. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube to show you how to make a rolled fabric or ribbon flower.

Rolled Fabric Flower Headband for Kids #craft

I made a few flowers, layered them on a piece of fabric and glued them along with a scrunched up piece of black satin tucked behind a flower for embellishment. Feathers, lace and even leaves would work great here.

Rolled Fabric Flower Headband for Kids #craft

Glue the fabric to the headband, set aside to dry and it’s ready to wear. I wanted to add tiny seed beads but Shae was very impatient and wanted to wear it to school. I’ve done these rolled flowers many many times. They take just a couple minutes to make and are ready to tack on an existing headband, barrette or brooch.
Rolled Fabric Flower Headband for Kids #craft
Use what you have on hand, no need to shop for new fabrics or crystals.

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  1. That is super cute and totally something I would wear 🙂 I don’t have girls, so sometimes I have to act & dress like one myself.

  2. Brett says:

    absolutely adorable. great way to use up fabric scraps too

  3. That is totally adorable! I wish I was this crafty!

  4. Super cute and super stylish! I think this is a “sewing” craft that even I could do!

  5. This is super cute! My daughters would both love it!

  6. This is too cute! I love homemade headbands and have a ton of them that I purchased from little online boutiques when my munchkin was smaller.

  7. Very cute! The flowers looks really easy to make. Isa and I will give making the flowers a try.

  8. That is SUPER cute! I think one of those would look awesome with some of my Steampunk outfits!

  9. This headband turned out so cute! I love the flowers.

  10. That came out really cute! I love how your flowers came out. So pretty!

  11. I wish I was crafty enough to do something as fun at the headband. That is so cute!!

  12. That is so cute! My little sister is always trying to make crafty hair accessories like this but yours is so much more details and neat! You should try to sell them on Etsy!

  13. I love the idea of making your own headbands. That way, they can be personalized to go with outfits or with the owner’s favorite colors. Using leftover fabric scraps is an excellent tip too!

  14. Thanks for the tutorial! I need to start making these for m girls!

  15. I’ve always wanted to try to make one of these. You make it look so easy!

  16. What an awesome way to use up any fabric scraps you might have. I love how customizable it is.

  17. Ashley M says:

    I didn’t realize these were so easy to make. My daughter would love one.

  18. That turned out so cute. What a fun project!

  19. That turned out great. You are very creative!

  20. The rosettes are so cute! Love this.

  21. This is super cute. I wish I had a creative bone in my body to do this kind of stuff.

  22. That is too cute and I would so love to make one for my own daughter. I’m not craft like this though so it may not even come out great but I’d still like to try.

  23. Eliz Frank says:

    Those are the prettiest headbands. I love the colors and the creativity. Awesome! 🙂

  24. My daughter wants one. I know what we will be doing this weekend.

  25. I love the fabric flower buds! So cute!!

  26. Very cute indeed! I love the little flowers!

  27. This is adorable. I know Ki would love to make this, she is all into crafting with me. We will try this!

  28. I made these for my daughter all the time. They’re so easy once you get the hang of them and so cute! We like to add little pearls and jewels to them sometimes too.

  29. Super cute! I can’t wait until my two year old gets out of the phase where she pulls everything off! I’m not going to be able to afford her bow collection!

  30. This is super cute! I love all the fabric rosettes!

  31. These are so cute and very stylish! I just wanted to let you know that I am linking to this post on 3/28 if you don’t mind.

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