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Snow Day

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I know most places across the country are saying bye to the snow but here we’re still expecting at least one more snowfall this week. With the amount of snow we’ve had this year we gotten a few chances to really play in it. One of our biggest single accumulations was 14 inches. This particular day wasn’t as much but still plenty to get into trouble.

The snow was just deep enough for Shae that it was hard work getting through it just to play.Snow Day 2014 #snowday

Snow Day 2014 #snowday


Sabreena even joined this fun since it was a cancelled school day. She and Shae worked hard building a snowman.

sabreena snowday

Snow Day 2014 #snowday

Shae is all smiles, even out in the freezing cold.Snow Day 2014 #snowday

DONE!  Meet George. He’s as big as Shae.

Snow Day 2014 #snowday #snowmman building

Snow Day 2014 #snowday

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  1. Great pictures! I have to say, though, I am not going to miss the snow at all. It’s finally in the 60’s here today.

  2. Your snowman came out great. I am so over the snow this year, though. I am definitley ready for spring.

  3. Megan @ That Neat Blog says:

    We had snow last Friday and today it’s 70 degrees. Crazy weather! My sons love the snow but I’m so over it.

  4. Daisy says:

    Your photos make the snow look like so much fun! We had a snow day last week where school was canceled. This has been a crazy winter.

  5. Beautiful! It’s going to be 74 degrees here tomorrow but we did get to enjoy some snow accumulation this year. That’s a big deal in the South!

  6. As fun as these have been, I am just glad to have these behind us LOL Looks like you all had fun though

  7. Its funny reading this as I sit with the windows open in the kitchen and my husband getting the grill ready for the first time this year! I dont miss the snow, its been an awful winter! 🙂

  8. What a cute snowman they made! There is something so magical about making one of those, but yep, it’s exhausting!

  9. Great pictures! I haven’t had a snow day in years, but yours looks like so much fun. The owl hat is so cute. Did you make it?

  10. What a great snowman! We don’t get any snow where we live, but it sure looks fun to play in!

  11. Ahhhhh no more snow! I think we have one more snow system left for us for the year and I can’t wait for it to be over and done with. But I will miss those fun snowman building days.

  12. I love the pictures and the snowman! I am ready to say goodbye to snow though!

  13. The snow man looks great….personally though, I can’t wait until summer.

  14. We had 8 snow days and ended up taking 9 of them… now we lose one day of our spring break. So I sure hope we get no more snow this year! 🙂

  15. That looks like so much fun! We don’t get snow here but we live by some mountains that do- we never made it up this year because I was very pregnant, but I’m hoping to take my older son next year!

  16. Awesome memories and now let’s ring in spring!

  17. I do love how clean and clear everything looks w/ the snow. I just dont like the cold weather that you have to have to get it~

  18. These pictures are great! It looks like you had so much fun.

  19. I wish that we had had more time to play in the snow this year. All of our “snow days” were below zero (like.. VERY below zero) and so we have not had much chance to be outside. Now it’s starting to melt and it’s just a mess to play in! No middle grounds in MN.

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