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Snow Day

I know most places across the country are saying bye to the snow but here we’re still expecting at least one more snowfall this week. With the amount of snow we’ve had this year we gotten a few chances to really play in it. One of our biggest single accumulations was 14 inches. This particular day wasn’t as much but still plenty to get into trouble.

The snow was just deep enough for Shae that it was hard work getting through it just to play.Snow Day 2014 #snowday

Snow Day 2014 #snowday


Sabreena even joined this fun since it was a cancelled school day. She and Shae worked hard building a snowman.

sabreena snowday

Snow Day 2014 #snowday

Shae is all smiles, even out in the freezing cold.Snow Day 2014 #snowday

DONE!  Meet George. He’s as big as Shae.

Snow Day 2014 #snowday #snowmman building

Snow Day 2014 #snowday