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Latte Macchiato Cocktails – Add Zing to Your Cup of Coffee

Creamy and frothy, Latte Macchiato is definitely a favorite among coffee lovers, especially those who

prefer smoking hot beverages. The perfect layering of latte macchiato and the creamy froth that adorns

the top is a wonderful delight, especially when you need some lifting up after a long day. However,

there is definitely one way you can make this already wonderful beverage even more delectable; by

adding a dash of liquor to it. To help you with that, here are some simple recipes using which you can

incorporate liquor with your latte macchiato.

Mozart Latte Macchiato

Marzipan cream liqueur is a luxury spirit that brings together some of the most divine flavors to treat

your taste buds; marzipan, cream and almond. A delightful color and a creamy concoction, this amazing

liqueur adds an overwhelmingly exotic flavor to beverages. Using this together with espresso to form a

macchiato gives you one of the most refreshing spring drinks.

If you have ever tasted the famous Salzburg’s Mozart Balls, you may have an idea of how this drink is

going to taste. If not, you are definitely in for a wonderful surprise!


• Espresso

• Milk foam

• Chocolate sauce

• Marzipan cream liqueur

(You can use the ingredients according to the size of your serving glass and your own taste)


1. Take a long glass for serving and pour in chocolate sauce. On top of it, add marzipan cream

liqueur. Now slowly add heated milk foam into the glass.

2. At last, add espresso to the glass creating a perfectly layered latte macchiato. Make sure you use

a transparent glass so that you can clearly see the wonderful and colorful layers of this beverage

when enjoying it.


Baileys Cream Coffee

Baileys is one of the most popular Irish liqueurs known for its rich and creamy flavor. It combines a rich

and creamy texture with a flavor of chocolate and Irish whiskey. It has a very luxurious and smooth

taste that, when mixed with the strong taste of espresso and milk foam, forms a delightful concoction,

layering up to form a great latte macchiato.

A perfect combination of chocolate, cream, whiskey and espresso, this latte macchiato is another

refreshing beverage that is going to taste heavenly once you try it.


• Chocolate sauce

• Baileys cream liqueur

• Espresso

• Milk foam

(You can use the ingredients according to the size of your serving glass and your own taste.)


1. In a tall glass, pour chocolate sauce at the bottom and then add the Baileys on top of it. Next

add the milk foam on top.

2. Slowly pour in the espresso and fill until the glass is full. Use a transparent glass so that you can

see the amazing layers you have just created with this latte macchiato.


Vanilla Latte Macchiato Cocktail

Combining together the rich and smooth taste of a cream liqueur with two different things, this cocktail

is one of the most unique flavors you will try. The addition of Absolut Vanilia Vodka and strong espresso

to the delightful cream liqueur creates a strong, refreshing and energizing drink that is ideal to freshen

you up after a long and tiring day, getting you into a party mood right away.

If you want something stronger, this macchiato with a dash of vodka is just what you need.


• Cream liqueur

• Absolut Vanilia Vodka

• Milk foam

• Espresso

(You can use the ingredients according to the size of your serving glass and your own taste.)


1. Take a tall glass and pour in the cream liqueur. Next add the vodka to the glass. Add milk foam

slowly. In the end, slowly add espresso to the glass. Your macchiato cocktail is all set to go!

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guest post via Samantha c/o Nescafe Dolce Gusto