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Car Maintenance Even Moms Can Do!

Auto maintenance

Did you think car maintenance was only for the pros? Maintaining your car doesn’t need to be that complicated. Particularly  if you drive a jeep wrangler or other off-road vehicle. They are one of the most easiest vehicles to maintain. This is because of the fact that they don’t need any special maintenance procedures, such as brake or transmission fluid changes or oil changes. There are also modern, high-tech, automated jeep wrangler tire pressure monitoring systems available. Here is a list of simple and easy things even moms can do!

Inspect Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is possibly the most important measurement to verify on your vehicle. Inadequately inflated tires could put you at risk on the road. Luckily for non-car enthusiasts, checking the pressure in your tires is very easy. Use a traditional tire pressure gauge, available in just about any auto shop, to determine whether the tires are properly inflated.

There are also modern, high-tech, automated tire pressure systems available. These can be installed on your tires and can indicate the level of pressure on a screen installed on your dashboard. It’s an excellent hands-free solution.

Inspect the Treads on Your Tires

Tire pressure is not the only important aspect of your vehicle’s tires. Your car’s tires are highly durable; however, their treads can easily wear out with time. Bald tires handle badly when excess water or snow accumulate on the road.

Regularly inspect your tire treads for serious wear by using the penny trick: Grab a penny, and place it between the treads of the tires. If the penny is highly visible and rolls off, then the treads are worn out and require replacement. Getting your tires balanced and rotated minimizes tread wear.

Use a Touch-Up Kit to Fix Scratches

Did you recently scratch your car? Don’t panic. If the scratch is only superficial, you can use an easy touch-up kit from online sellers such as Roberts Paint Care. Removing a scratch would require some minor sanding, and then several coats of paint to cover up the damage. These repair kits include easy DIY instructions and a step-by-step guide.

Wash Your Car Once a Week

You should wash your car once a week, or once every second week. If this sounds extensive, try to get the family involved! Washing the car is an easy chore that can not only extend the life of your vehicle but also teach an older child how to be responsible. Washing your car removes dirt and debris and helps protect the paint on your car.

Consider buying a proper car wash sponge, and soap at any auto shop to make your cleaning more effective.