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How To Write The Baby Registry Information For An Invitation

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A mother’s baby shower registry is an important tool for communicating their baby supply needs to their circle and getting the family involved, especially. 

Even in modern times, when etiquette practices have loosened the rules around gift-giving, asking for cash is still heavily frowned upon. Putting together a registry of essentials allows people to provide financial relief, through gifts, without any money exchanging hands.  

With that said, there are still traditional values tied to baby shower registries that new moms should be aware of – especially when it comes to how they present the baby registry information on your invitation.   

Keep reading for important information about how to word baby registry information for a baby shower invitation!

The Importance of Etiquette

The topic of following proper baby shower etiquette practices inspires much debate. WebBabyShower has a great resource for anyone wanting to brush up on their etiquette, by the way. 

While some etiquette practices are outdated, some definitely provide guidance for behaving in certain social settings. 

When it comes to baby showers – particularly baby shower registries – there are certain rules in place that should be followed, if for no other reason than to minimize the stress of the mother as her due date approaches. 

A mother’s inner circle will span several generations to include mothers, grandmothers, and maybe even great grandmothers. And if she’s relying on older generations to help fulfill the requests off her baby registry, she’ll have to play by the etiquette rules they’re accustomed to. 

Baby Registries can be Awkward

Asking for gifts is pretty much frowned upon, no matter the occasion at hand. Therefore it can be awkward for new moms to relay their needs to their friends and family. Thankfully, baby shower gift registries exist in this weird gray area, where it then technically becomes acceptable. 

At least, if women are asking for basic necessities such as bottles, wipes, lotions, and maternity clothes, and those more personal items that could fall under “mommy preparations.” Larger items like car seats and bassinets are generally also acceptable, as long they don’t sit at the most expensive price point. A mom who needs a crib for her baby should choose one that costs no more than a couple hundred dollars and leave the designer, diamond-encrusted one until she and her husband/partner can afford it themselves

With that said, most people realize that being gracious will get them a lot further than being greedy, so they don’t go overboard. 

Should the Registry go on the Invitation?

Traditionalists urge moms to avoid adding their baby registries to their invitations because they feel it looks like a blatant gift grab. It’s almost like the existence of the registry is fine, but presenting it to people is wrong (though most of the younger generation doesn’t see it as crass or uncouth). 

But a registry that guests don’t know about is a pretty useless one. During a time when people are busier than ever, sticking the registry link at the bottom of an invitation is a super convenient way to make sure it gets seen, and can then, be fulfilled. 

So, to answer the question: yes, the registry should go at the bottom of the invitation – without hesitation!

Baby Shower Registry Wording

Like most things in life, delivery is key! The registry portion of the invitation should be carefully worded to avoid possibly offending any of the guests. It’s best to keep the message short and sweet, make sure it’s free of any unnecessary information and doesn’t advertise the contents within it. 

Moms should also avoid putting special focus on the items they want most. It will only come across as ungrateful. 

Speaking of, it’s important to reiterate to guests that gifts are optional and that they’re not required to buy anything on the list. Lastly, moms should use the final section to also emphasize how excited you are for them to attend the baby shower. 


Our family is registered at BuyBuyBaby! The link to our registry can be viewed at our unique URL, printed below. You’re under no obligation to purchase anything. We can’t wait for you to celebrate the birth of our baby with us! 

See? Baby shower registry wording doesn’t have to be complicated or stress-inducing! There might still be a tiny bit of division among communities when it comes to alerting people of a baby registry, but it shouldn’t be! Babies come with a boatload of expenses and there’s nothing wrong with a new mom leaning on her community to help supply the baby with the things he/she will need!

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