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How to Wear Cowboy Hats to Look High on the Fashion Quotient?

Cowboy hats are flexible accessories that can be used on various occasions. They are functional and useful for people working outdoors on ranches, particularly those who live in the far west. People in different occupations can also use them as practical, fashionable accessories. The best style cowboy hat is one that will fit the wearers’ lifestyle perfectly.

Cowboy hats come in handy mostly when outside and the sun is bright. These kinds of hats are meant for use by everyone! Hence, when selecting the ideal cowboy hat, it is critical to know the style, size, and, most importantly, the type that will work best according to your requirements. Typical cowboy hats come with a tall, round crown and a flattened brim. The crown can be easily customized to control the amount of sunlight that hits the face, and the brim may also be adjusted to decrease the sun’s bright glares.

Types of Cowboy Hats Based on Material

Cowboy hats are made of three basic materials – straw, felt, or leather. Out of these, felt hats are the most stylish and durable; they are thicker, unlike straw and leather. The thickness of felt makes it last longer than other essential hats that wear and tear quickly.

Felt also protects the wearer from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. However, one drawback of felt hats is that although felt is more durable, the thick material fails to provide ventilation. Thus this hat is not suitable for use in hot and humid conditions.

A straw cowboy hat is an ideal choice in a situation that needs more ventilation. However, the drawback of straw hats is that they are less comfortable than felt; they are far stiffer. The gaps between the weaves of straw allow much air to flow freely; proper ventilation also prevents the head from getting overheated.

The leather cowboy hats provide excellent protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. These leather hats often offer a sleek statement that can be worn on any occasion. Being waterproof, these leather hats are disturbed so that the brim channels rain away from the face and run out from the back of the hat.

The small brim cowboy hat is equally popular amongst hat lovers. It is stylish, modern, and super trendy. You can wear it with any attire.

How to Choose the Right Cowboy Hat?

Choosing the perfect cowboy hat mostly settles on personal preferences, but selecting a hat based on the size and shape of the head is a tried and tested no-fail method to find the best hat for you.

Determine the Face Shape and Choose Accordingly

Oval-faced people are lucky to select any cowboy hat. However, people with round faces tend to look best in hearts with a tall crown and a slanted brim. Long, narrow faces benefit from medium-height crowns.

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Individuals with square faces can opt for curved brims and round crowns. At the same time, heart-shaped-faced people may wear short-brimmed and teardrop-shaped crowns.

What Outfit to Pair With a Cowboy Hat

Cowboy hats are available in various styles, thus blessing us with an appropriate hat for every occasion. A black cowboy hat can be worn to formal occasions, while a straw cowboy hat or a palm leaf hat can be worn to informal events. Cowboy hats are flexible accessories that traditionally go with button-down shirts and blue jeans. Cowboy hats with black Chelsea boots give a more modern look.

In conclusion, when choosing a cowboy hat, remember to settle with something breathable, durable, and that fits the personality.

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