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6 Kids’ Room Decorating Ideas That Go From Toddler to Teen


You want your child’s bedroom to be a place they love. They should want to spend time here and feel comfortable. Similarly, you need a practical room and enough space to move in. You need the design and layout to grow with them. We’ve got the perfect solution for you. You can buy a handful of pieces and make small updates over time. Here’s our list of 5 kids’ room decorating ideas from toddler to teen.

Start With The Biggest Pieces of Furniture

The bigger a piece of furniture is, the more attention it will attract. Larger furniture and adornments are the most expensive pieces you will buy when decorating a kid’s bedroom. You should invest in well-made products that will last until your child grows out of them.

Girls Beds That Last Till the Teenage Years

When your child moves from the and is ready for a big girl bed, you will need a quality piece of furniture. You can choose from a range of pink beds, twin beds, or bunk beds. Perhaps you can go for a queen bed, which ensures you can use the bed after your child moves out.

Make sure you choose a comfortable bed that matches the room’s style. If you don’t, your child will grow out of it. You’ll end up forking over a couple of hundred bucks once they enter the tween years.

A Bed Big Enough for a Growing Boy

Boys grow seemingly faster than girls. If you’ve bought clothes for your boy, you know they only last a few months. You must get a bed that your boy will not grow out of. You can choose blue or black beds, but pink probably isn’t the best option.

A great bed that will likely last a while is a sleigh bed. Good quality beds have beautiful designs and come in many sizes. A twin-size bed is perfect for a child, but is it for a teen? If you think long-term, you should invest in a full-size bed.


What Should You Do About the Floor?

Hardwood floors are beautiful, but you must cover them if you want them to endure with time. Kids are notorious for scratching and damaging hardwood floors. You’re trying to buy things that will last and protect what you already have. Here’s how to choose flooring materials that will take your child from toddler to teen and protect your investment.

Beautiful Rugs With a Timeless Design

A bedroom is going to have little feet running around. There’s no doubt you want to keep their digits safe from danger. You should lay a strong foundation for protecting their feet and your flooring.

Natural fiber rugs are durable and simple to clean. You can find them in multiple patterns and colors. But you should avoid kid-only designs. The rugs are usually low quality, and a 12-year-old isn’t going to want to see Thomas the Tank Engine every time they go to their room.

Take a Chance With Colors You’d Normally Avoid

We aren’t saying you should color your hardwood flooring. That is a costly and silly error. When choosing a rug, look for colors that complement the walls of a room. Doing so creates a calming effect. Your child can calm down when feeling heated by going to their room. The colors will help them feel at ease.

Children and teens must sometimes calm down (and we bet you do, too!)

If you’re not a fan of bold colors, choose a rug close to the color of your walls. When flooring and walls match, it increases the perceived size of a room.

Keep it Simple


People overcomplicate decorating. The process should be fun, easy, and enjoyable. When you get caught up trying to copy exactly what you saw online, the process becomes cumbersome.

Following the tips in this article, you’ve got a strong foundation. Now, add the fun stuff your child will truly embrace and love.

To avoid stress, choose easy installations that can be removed or put into place in about 20 minutes. You don’t want to start adding pieces that take hours to install because they’ll take just as long to remove.

Play with patterns and style until you find the perfect mix of style and comfort. Make use of elegant drapes, pillows, and bed skirts. Try replacing that boring white bedspread with a colorful one and take it from there.

You have learned all the basics for designing a room that will grow with your child. Using these tips will save you time, money, and hassle. Follow the guidance closely because failing to choose products that work for multiple age groups is expensive. Enjoy these tips and become a master bedroom designer today.