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The Reign of Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Rings among Modern Brides

The world of engagement rings has one style that stands out for the modern bride — princess cut diamond engagement rings. These dazzlers are contemporary and chic and can befit a princess.

So, why the recent obsession of princess cut diamonds for modern brides? Let’s get into it.

The Beauty of a Princess Cut Diamond

Now, let us begin by understanding what exactly Princess cut diamonds are. Conceived in the 1960s, this diamond cut has a square shape and is the second most popular diamond cut after the classic round cut diamond. The princess cut is beautifully balanced with sharp corners and sides of equal length. It can have between 49 and 144 facets, making it highly shiny. Thus, it is an eye-catching piece in any setting.

Stylishly Modern and Highly Versatile

The fresh and modern look of princess cut rings makes them a favorite among many people who don’t like round-cut diamonds with their classical appearance and predictable presence. This contemporary aesthetic appeals to many modern brides when looking for princess cuts.

Additionally, a princess-cut diamond looks beautiful no matter what metal it comes in, whether platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or trendy rose gold. This means brides can customize their ring any way they want and express their style through it.

Unmatched Sparkle

One outstanding attribute of princess-cut diamonds is their unique brilliance and sparkle. Due to its numerous facets and shapes, this diamond cut interacts very well with light, producing a brilliant sparkle that exceeds a round-cut type of diamond.


This brilliance attracts many modern brides who wish to showcase their stunning engagement ring.

A Symbol of Individuality

Princess cut diamond says much — the wearer does not fear stepping outside the norm. While round cuts have timeless charm, princess cuts are a bold departure from tradition. Hence, princess cuts are perfect for brides who want to make a statement through their engagement ring choice.

A Diamond Deal That’s Value for Money

An engagement ring without talking about cost is never complete. Princess-cut diamonds are generally less expensive compared to round-cut diamonds. This is because a princess cut retains about 80% of the rough diamond, while round cuts retain nearly half. Thus, more money can obtain a larger diamond or equal carat size but with better quality, making this an affordable option.

In Summary

A princess-cut diamond engagement ring is unrivaled in this area regarding uniqueness, style, brilliance, and pocket-friendly. These unique engagement rings highly represent the vibrant individuality and uniqueness of the brides who wear them. They beautifully narrate the story of their dreams, hopes, and love.


Not only are they mesmerizing and royal, but they also command attention just like a princess does. For modern-day brides, nothing defines their status better than this statement piece that has become one of the most sought-after choices in contemporary times. Rest assured, the princess-cut diamond engagement ring reigns supreme for the modern bride, making her fairytale dream a sparkling reality.