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Teaching Your Kids Friendships and Romantic Relationships

A significant part of a person’s life is spent in maintaining friendships and romantic relationships. Despite this fact, little to none is contributed in this direction by the schooling system. This is another one of those really important aspects of life, which is expected to be taught and taken care of by elders and parents. […]

5 Chores Toddlers Can Be Involved In for Holiday Dinners

Holidays are supposed to be about families and the bonds we share as families. Helping each other in tasks, doing things together, deciding everything as a family is a special moment for the family. Having fun while doing holiday-related chores helps us make memories for later and brings giggles to the present. I am not […]

The Importance of Teaching Kids Basic Life Skills

We have all laughed at memes and experiences online on “If only I learned this in school…” We often say that our education system needs to change, we need to teach kids more real-life skills than algebra, and so on. What we don’t focus on is that, it isn’t the sole responsibility of the educational […]

Does Everything Really Happen For a Reason?

Last time I was at a cafe, I came up with this blog about honesty and our relation with it. Months after, again a cafe trip has inspired another article. While sitting there, blowing my cappuccino so that I could drink it, I watched pigeons from the glass window. A man who was feeding them […]

Healthy Activities to Do as a Family

Family time is something that helps us bond with each other and also helps us learn about each other. If we do not spend time together, then we are just strangers living in the same home, tied down by the titles of our relationships. Actually creating a bond is what makes a family. With our […]

5 Chores You Can Have Your Teenager Help You Out With

Doing chores together is a great way to bond, and it also helps make the kids independent. Knowing how to do all their chores is essential for them to live their adult lives without depending on anyone. It is our job to teach them all the things that they are going to need to be […]

Being Persuasive and Influential With Your Children

“Moral persuasion over a period of time makes a difference, but we shouldn’t be naive to think that just because we raise it in a meeting it will make all those problems go away. It won’t and it doesn’t.” -John Key Persuasion can be used in both good and bad ways – the skill of […]

4 Animal Face Painting Design Ideas for Your Kids

Whether it is a birthday party attraction or a costume competition – knowing how to face paint can be really handy. I spent my niece’s last birthday, painting the faces of little children to help them look like the animals they wanted. I honestly had more fun than I thought I would. Here are some […]

Important Things to Remember While Teaching Your Kids to Cook

Involving your children in chores is a great way to teach them new skills and spend some time bonding over trials and errors. I have always been an advocate for inculcating positive habits in children from a young age, knowing the basics of cooking is one of them. Knowing how much effort goes into a […]

5 Fun DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Your Kids

Halloween means getting ready for the trick-or-treat shenanigans. Halloween costumes can get expensive and more often than not finding something that makes you and your kid happy can be difficult. Make your own costume isn’t difficult. Here are some ideas to help your kids make their own costumes. 1. Baby Shark Baby Costume If you […]