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Change is an Inevitable Process, Learn to Embrace It

Nothing on this planet stays the same throughout. Change occurs whether we are ready for it or not. The universe doesn’t wait for us to get comfortable. Darwin proposed that the life we see now too arose through a series of variations in the environment and hence fluctuations in the genes of the populations all […]

Is it Okay to Lie? How Honest Should We Be?

I was sitting at a cafe, sipping my latte, when I heard a kid ask his mom why was honesty the best policy – something about what his teacher said when it came to lying and being honest. Listening to their conversation got me thinking. “Honesty is the best policy.” Is it always though?  Is […]

5 Healthy Recipes for Kids

Having kids means being on the lookout to make everything healthy. Kids can be fussy about what they eat, and some kid won’t eat anything that even resembles a vegetable. You can always hide it in their favorite food, but they are brilliant when it comes to picking out the broccoli and Brussel sprouts. Here […]

Why Waking Up Early is a Good Idea

As much as we all love sleeping, we don’t realize how beautiful the world is at dawn. The sun has a different shade of an orangish-red hue; a slight cold breeze; whizzing chirr of the insects; the world is just beginning to awaken. Early mornings capture nature’s beauty in the most memorizing manner.  Waking up […]