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Teaching Your Child Their ABCs

For toddlers, the world is their oyster. Everything they come across sparks their curiosity. For them, the world is their classroom, and everything is their teacher. They love learning new things, and if they can put it to use, then better. It is really easy to get toddlers interested in new concepts. So far we […]

How to Make Your Own Pegboard for Your Children’s Bedroom

A pegboard is usually used as a display/storage structure in most garages. But, it doesn’t have to be limited to only industrial use. It can be used in your home as well. Pegboards are a really great way to use your cute stationery as decoration while giving them a home of their own.  If you […]

A Hilarious Compilation of Best Dad Jokes and Riddles for Birthdays

We know that the best dad jokes are often so bad that they are so good. We laugh at how bad the joke is. Every dad makes jokes that they find funny and we laugh because of either how unfunny it is or how cleverly stupid it is. They have jokes for every occasion and […]

7 Worst Junk Food Items to Keep Away from Kids

“You can’t have a healthy civilization without healthy soil. You can’t have junk food and have healthy people.” – Joel Salatin We all know that junk food is unhealthy, not just for our kids, but for us as well. The fact that junk food is bad news for our health is, thankfully, common knowledge now. […]

Piano Lessons: An insight into the hand positioning

In a place like Plainview, finding a nearby piano class cannot be challenging as the locals and visitors enjoy the musical atmosphere a lot and show an inclination towards acquiring artistic skills. Whether you are an adult, a teen, or a parent, you can understand equipping oneself with techniques is necessary to master any instrument. […]

5 Common Myths Surrounding the COVID-19

If you are not living under a rock, you would know by now that the COVID-19 has got most countries in the world in a headlock. Economies are hitting rock bottom, unemployment is rising worldwide, and our very freedom to roam around has been challenged.  The coronavirus is a highly infectious respiratory disease that has […]

How to Glam Up Your Walls – Decor + Function

When decorating a place, walls are often ignored. People let go of the vertical space and start filling up the floor space, which makes the proportion for the decor look all wrong. The floor looks cramped, and the clutter draws your eyes to the floor. Even if you have tall, beautiful walls, they will be […]

Shielding Your Children from Bad News Can Destroy Them

“Most things are good, and they are the strongest things, but there are evil things too, and you are not doing a child a favor by trying to shield him from reality. The important thing is to teach a child that good can always triumph over evil.”  – Walt Disney As parents, we want to […]

Make Them Count: Teaching Your Toddler Numbers, Counting, and More

My recent articles have focused on the basic learning we introduce toddlers to. Having talked about fun ways to teach your toddler to identify shapes by making your own shape book in a variety of fun ways opened up a whole discussion area for me. That led me to talk about making it fun to […]

Fun Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Recognize Colors

Last time I talked about fun ways to teach your toddlers about shapes. That got me thinking about other essential things we often start teaching them early. One of the things that are an important addition to the basic alphabets, numbers, and shapes routine is colors. Recognizing the colors and naming them is a fun […]