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How to Improve Your Baking Skills?

We all love the smell of freshly baked delights coming from the kitchen. From pieces of bread to muffins, cakes to biscuits, the world of baking is a culinary explosion. But right now, the current pandemic has shut down bakeries, and our favorite croissants and bagels are out of reach. So, how about improving your […]

Top 3 Cookie Recipes That You Could Try Out Today

Are you feeling hungry? Is the social distancing days also making you feel distant from the familiar smell of cookies at your favorite bakery? Do you crave them badly? Worry not! Here we have brought three simple recipes to help you make some lovely and delicious cookies at home. Choco-chip Cookies To make this age-old […]

5 Best Easy-to-Make Snacks Recipes to Try Out

With social distancing in place, you can’t go out and order at your favorite pizzeria or try out the new wrap in the drive-through after catching up on some movie. Especially with kids at home, the demands for tasty snacks are almost constant.  We have brought you five easy to make snack recipes that you […]

4 Life Science Platforms Online For Your Kids

The ongoing pandemic has got you all cooped up at home with your family. As such, it is natural for your kids to ask questions, not only about the current situation but also broader aspects of Life Sciences and the Environment. With schools out and no classes taking place anytime soon, you need to step […]

Top 4 Cuisines to Try Out in the World

The love for a palatable dish is universal. We all crave to try out mouth-watering delicacies that places and cultures around the world have to offer. Through our travels, we are often introduced to something new that tickles the taste buds differently.  Feeling hungry already? Take a look at the top 5 cuisines in the […]

Skill Sets That You Can Learn During Social Isolation

The whole world has taken a massive hit because of the current coronavirus pandemic. So far, the best solution to prevent the deadly spread of COVID -19 is to stay at home and practice social distancing. In other words, Total Lockdown.  While the world has come to a halt, a lot of netizens have set […]