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The Danger of Excess Caffeine for Students

The toxic relationship of students with caffeine. The effects and withdrawal are a heartbreaking journey, which will eventually lead to students questioning -was this all worth it? Caffeine levels seem to have increased in students over the last decade or so. As a student, one has to juggle between assignments, readings for classes, and immense […]

Books for Children to Read this Lockdown

Children are a bundle of joy filled with energy, which is hard to contain. It is hard to keep them occupied, as some get bored really fast—the need for adventure and exploration is very strong within them. The time when kids are at home with summer vacation on toll as well as the lockdown, they […]

3 Simple Recipes to Create with your Child

It’s the summer, and you need to engage your kids at home? Especially when they are stuck at home with a looming pandemic. The best possible way is for you to cook with them, this would mean that you would get to spend some time with your child(ren) and help them escape their boredom. So […]