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Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster by Prime Time

Shaun and his friends in the neighbor play war and games similar to this often with foam dart guns so when I was asked to analyse the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster by Prime Time I was all over it.

Shaun currently has a few foam dart guns but nothing that compares to this Gatling style battery operated beast. It holds 48 foams darts in 12 barrels and when you show up to play war with the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster everyone knows you mean business. It also runs on 4 AA batteries.

Shaun was excited when he got the opportunity to use The Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster. It says this is for indoor and outdoor use but I would recommend using this strictly outdoors. It shoots darts easily 40-50 feet so that is why I say it should probably be used strictly outdoors. Overall Shaun said this gun was really cool and the best foam dart gun he has but the one complaint he had was that is jammed a lot. This could be because Shaun is 7 years old and isn’t using it 100% properly but I wanted to be honest and mention this. I also feel the gun is a little loud but not sure what I was expecting as we have never owned a battery operated foam dart gun. Again, neither of the last two opinions takes away from the awesomeness of this gun. I even had a chance to play with the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster and took a few shots at Shaun, Melinda and Sabreena. In my opinion it felt like it was a really solid foam dart gun and for approximately $24.99 you can’t go wrong.

If you are looking for a really awesome foam dart gun that is super affordable then you need to get the Power Strike Quick Fire 48 Blaster that retails for approximately $24.99 and is sold exclusively at Toys R Us.

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