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Joining the Million Mile Run to fight Childhood Cancer

I’m lacing up my running shoes again but this time it’s not for my own vanity. I’m joining Delaware Valley area bloggers to fight back against childhood cancer this September – National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month – with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation!
Alex's Lemonade Stand Million Mile RunOur team was inspired by two local childhood cancer heroes, Lily & Maggie.

Lily was diagnosed with a brain tumor called ependymoma when she was 14 months old. Lily endured five brain surgeries and a month-long hospital stay at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Brain surgery left Lily unable to sit, crawl or walk. But now, Lily who is 7, is cancer-free. Lily can walk and she can dance and jump and rock it on the soccer field! Lily can run! Lily will be running along with our team as we work to reach our goal of 1,000 miles and $10,000 for a cure for all kids with cancer!

fighting childhood cancer with Lily Adkins

Lily Adkins

Maggie was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastomic leukemia (B-ALL) just a few months ago in May at 2 years old. All of her life, Maggie has been a whirlwind of giggles and red curls. And even though cancer and aggressive chemotherapy has temporarily stolen those lovely curls, they did not steal her tenacious spirit. Maggie and her parents fought this disease with everything they had. Finally, on July 5, Maggie was declared cancer-free! However, she will continue to receive a variety of treatments and testing to ensure that she stays healthy. As she works on regaining her physical strength, we will walk and run for Maggie!

fighting childhood cancer for Maggie

Maggie Sabora

Everyday 720 kids are diagnosed with childhood cancer– and everyday families begin the fight of their life. Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of death by disease for children under age 15. Research is consistently underfunded–but with your support, we can make a difference!

Running a few miles isn’t anything in comparison to the struggles these girls have had to deal with. I’m asking you to JOIN US by making a donation, joining our team, or forming your own Million Mile Run team!

Stay tuned for progress on the donations and the mileage we all complete.


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“Let Us In” Nashville- A Tribute to Linda McCartney

You might remember my note a few weeks back announcing my mom’s cancer diagnosis. Having to deal with that I’m happy to share this campaign for the Women and Cancer Fund.

The Women and Cancer Fund is a not-for-profit charity led by Dr. Alicia Alvarez and established in the memory of Linda McCartney. Sir Paul McCartney has given his “whole-hearted blessing” to “Let Us In” Nashville, a campaign led by Reviver Music to raise awareness and proceeds for this charity which promotes prevention, lifestyle awareness, enhances available health services and advocates advanced breast cancer and children’s cancer research.
linda mccartney fundraiser cancer benefit
In November of 2011, a special concert to benefit The Woman and Cancer Fund kicked off CMA Week in appropriate fashion at Nashville’s legendary Ryman Auditorium. The concert was hosted by actor/musician Jeff Daniels, who also performed along with SHeDAISY, Sarah Darling, Steel Magnolia, Phil Vassar, Cheyenne Kimball, Juliana Cole, Jeff Daniels, Nikki Shannon Fernandez, Jordyn Shellhart, Chuck Wicks, Nancy Sirianni, Samantha Landrum, and Blue Sky Riders.

Performers for the “Let Us In” event and several other artists contributed an original version of a Sir Paul McCartney song for a charity-based compilation album. “Let Us In” Nashville – A Tribute To Linda McCartney is now available for purchase, and proceeds will also benefit The Women and Cancer Fund.

Sarah Darling’s heartfelt rendition of “Blackbird” was recorded with legendary producer, and lead guitar player on the track, Dann Huff.

“Let Us In” Nashville – A Tribute To Linda McCartney available for download

1. SHeDAISY – “With A Little Luck”
2. Timothy B. Schmit, Mark Hudson, Laurence Juber, Denny Seiwell – “Every Night”
3. Sarah Darling – “Blackbird”
4. Steel Magnolia – “Maybe I’m Amazed”
5. Phil Vassar – “Lady Madonna”
6. Blue Sky Riders (Kenny Loggins, Georgia Middleman and Gary Burr) – “Junk”
7. Cheyenne Kimball – “Mull Of Kintyre”
8. Juliana Cole – “Bluebird”
9. Ricky Skaggs – “Listen To What The Man Said”
10. Jeff Daniels – “Heart Of The Country”
11. Nikki Shannon Fernandez – “I Saw Her Standing There”
12. Jordyn Shellhart – “I Will”
13. Chuck Wicks – “No More Lonely Nights”
14. Nancy Siranni – “Calico Skies”
15. Samantha Landrum – “Pipes Of Peace”
16. Tommy Emmanuel – “She’s A Woman”

This information was provided to me on behalf of “Let Us In” but I’m sharing with you on my own.

If You’re Gonna Have Any Kind of Cancer It Might as Well Be This One

Wednesday night I received some news. My mother has breast cancer. We had been working on appointments and biopsies for about 2 weeks but the news was still a little shocking. I woke up Thursday morning and was literally assaulted by emails and blogs posts all pointing to breast cancer awareness, treatment and prevention. I opened up my daily subscription to SITS and found that their featured blogger Nikki Brown was a breast cancer survivor. I reached out and thanked her for her positive outlook and asked to send some good vibes my way. I then poked around my reader and found this post on NuggleMama. She spoke about taking care of business. As moms and wives we put everyone else first often neglecting ourselves. The video within the post shows how important it is to make a little time for our own well-being. Breast cancer doesn’t discriminate against race, occupation, social status, age or breast size.

Back to my mom. She was diagnosed with Stage I Breast Cancer. The docs told her last week not to worry about anything that everything pointed to just a cyst. They were wrong. They now say it’s non-invasive, has a slow growth rate and hasn’t invaded her lymph nodes. If your gonna get cancer you want it to be this one. That’s reassuring, right. It’s far from a death sentence but the word cancer sucks. I’m sad that she has to deal with it but I know we’ll be there for her every step of the way.

creepy me, Mom and my sister Kim

If you happen say prayers I would appreciate a couple in her direction. Her name is Gayle and I love her and so do my kids. I want her around for a long time. Breast Cancer can suck it!

When Good News Happens to Good People

A few weeks back I received some bad news; my grandfather has prostate cancer. You may not know the extent of our relationship but I was devastated. I know prostate cancer is one of the more curable types but that word; CANCER is really scary. I lost my grandmother over a year ago and that wound is still fresh so the thought of possible losing him was too much for me to handle. At the sound of the news I broke down and had to be consoled by Rob. We had company over at the time so I needed to compose myself quickly. The next couple weeks were hard on me; wondering what was going to happen and how much time we had left with him.

The good news came yesterday; his cancer is 100% curable, levels so low they are barely detectable! He’s going to receive 44 continuous days of chemo then all should be good. He may be slower on his feet and his hearing isn’t so great but he’s one of the sweetest (and goofiest) men I know and I’m not ready to lose him yet.