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Why Is DMV Like The Dentist?

Everyone hates to go. Well at least everyone I know hates to go to DMV. My father in-law hates the DMV so much I swear he buys a new car right before his registration is about to expire which is 5 years in Delaware.

So yesterday DMV was open from noon until 8pm and Melinda and I needed to go because our vans registration was going to expire on July 15th plus we needed to do an address change for our driver’s license as well as the registrations for both cars. The first thing was to get the van inspected which didn’t take as long as we thought considering the sign we stopped at said 60 minutes from this point. Total time in the inspection line was probably 30 minutes. The next step was to go inside and that is when the hell began. We received number A003 and they were on A190 and once that number hits A299 it then resets to A000. So we were about 113 people away and that was just to do an address change on our DL. After that we needed to wait in another line to renew the vans registration and to change the address on both cars registrations.

So I went back up to the person who was giving the numbers out and asked could I just renew my vans registration and he told me I needed to do the address change on the DL first so that my DL and registration addresses matched. While speaking to the man Shaun comes running over and said “Dad they just asked if anyone was doing an address change from one DE address to another DE address” which we were so I ran over to see what was going on. DMV pulled aside the people who were doing an address change which was about 7 of us and put them in one line. Thank goodness because this allowed us to bypass 100 other people or so that have been waiting for hours. The funny thing here if you call this funny was while in line the system at the DMV went down. Are you freaking kidding me!!!!!! Thank goodness it was only down for 10 minutes. So Melinda and I finally got our address changed on our DL and they transferred me over to the registration area which I didn’t even have to wait for. We got our registrations in order and we were gone. It took about 2 hours total to get this done. Thanks goodness I got a two year registration on the van but I need to go to the DMV in 2011 for my car. I am looking forward to visiting the DMV again real soon. NOT!!!!!!!

Sorry I Have Not Been Around!!!!

I wanted to write a quick post to apologize for my absence from our blog as well as yours. I have not written a post in about a week and I have not visited other blogs either. Thank goodness for Melinda or else our blog would be in bad shape right now.

I have been absent due to our move and my constant need to get something done. Every single day I have been doing something even if I pack one or two boxes. We have been making some great progress and it started last weekend with Melinda and I getting the whole basement painted which took about 7.5 hours.

During the week we packed up most of Shae and Shaun’s room and Thursday we taped Shaun and Shae’s room along with the hallway and stairwell so Melinda and I can paint again this weekend. The good thing is the kids went to my in laws last night for the weekend so Melinda and I can paint and not have to worry about the kids.

So I am sorry I haven’t been around but I am hoping to stop by your blog soon and get back into a routine of writing. I will soooooooooo happy once this move is over!

Have A Great Weekend!!!!

I’ve Never………..

Kinda like the drinking or slumber party game “I never” but without all the fun. Here is a list of things I’ve never done in my life. Some random, some I’m proud to say, some maybe are challenges to myself to give a try.

  • I’ve never been to Disney World
  • I’ve never fired a gun
  • I’ve never sung karaoke
  • I’ve never smoked marijuana
  • I’ve never watched the movie Casablanca 
  • I’ve never been bungee jumping
  • I’ve never met my biological father
  • I’ve never been to the top of the Empire State building, Statue of Liberty or in Central Park
  • I’ve never mowed the lawn
  • I’ve never been to Vegas (the airport terminal doesn’t count)
  • I’ve never witnessed the birth of a baby (besides my own kids)
  • I’ve never changed a car tire
  • I’ve never missed a flight
  • I’ve never read Pride and Prejudice
  • I’ve never eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • I’ve never watched a single episode of Lost or 30 Rock
  • I’ve never been arrested
  • I’ve never gotten a tattoo
  • I’ve never been to a professional football/NFL game

So there are a bunch of randoms about me. What about you? What have you never……

I Am Very Lucky!!!

I wanted to write a quick post to tell everyone how lucky I am to have Melinda.

So we are in the midst of a move from MD to DE and I am excited to move back to DE but not excited to pack. For about 2 weeks now we have been trying to pack a few boxes everyday so that at the end of June we won’t be scrambling to get everything done. On Tuesday we had a container delivered from 1800RATPACK so we could start storing our belongings because before we move we need to paint our entire house (this is going to suck).

Needless to say I am tired and stressed. I am driving everyday from MD to DE and DE back to MD for work so that I can continue to pack during the week. All of the driving and packing is making me a grouchy PITA and the person who bares the brunt of my bad moods is Melinda which isn’t fair to her. I get annoyed with packing and tired and sweaty from carrying boxes from the house to the container outside and when Melinda asks a question I snap for no reason. I don’t ask for help I demand it which is wrong on so many levels. Melinda is my equal and I have been treating her like total crap for no reason what so ever.

I want to tell Melinda I am so sorry for being an a$$ and I will not be suck a jerk. Thank you for all of your help because I wouldn’t be able to do this without you. I need you and I Love You so much. I am soooo sorry! Please forgive me!

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

To my wonderful wife of 9 years you are my best friend an awesome wife and the BEST mother. You are there when the kids need you most with an uplifting word, tissue for that snotty nose or a Band-Aid for a booboo that doesn’t exists but you give the kids one anyway because you know it will make them happy. You do what you can at all times to make sure the kids and I am happy and well taken care of and that the house is in order. Without you we would be in serious trouble. I love you more than words can explain and I am glad you are the mother of my children. Have a Great Mothers Day’s. I Love You!!!
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out in the blogesphere.  Hope you have a great day!

We Had A Date!

On Tuesday I surprised Melinda with a visit home. I try to go home once during the week because I really miss Melinda and the kids. Since I never told Melinda that I was coming home she didn’t have enough dinner for me. Honestly she didn’t have enough dinner for herself either which made this the perfect opportunity for Melinda and I to go out and grab some dinner and have a “Date Night”.  

We went to PF Changs and it was a great time. We got to spend some quality time together without the kids which was really nice for the both of us. I really enjoyed being with Melinda and talking and just having a relaxing dinner.  We never do anything for us and we always come last in the long list of daily responsibilities but after Tuesday night I think we are going to need to spend more quality alone time together. It was really really nice and I am looking forward to the next “Date Night”.


Can You Believe I Survived

As I am writing this post Melinda is on her flight from LA back to Baltimore, MD. From what she told me and from what I saw on Twitter the Conagra Fight Child Hunger campaign went well. Melinda was busy from the time she stepped off of the airplane and is extremely exhausted but it was for a good cause so I know she would say the trip was well worth it.

I survived with the kids. LOL. I knew I would survive but I was nervous about how Shae would be without her mommy. Shae did pretty well even though she asked for mommy 100 times. She was well behaved and we had a great time together. Bedtime was a little bit of a battle the first night at my in-laws but after we arrived home in MD the next two nights went pretty smooth. All in all everything went really well with no problems but I am very glad Melinda will be home soon. I will probably be asleep when she arrives home since her flight doesn’t get into Baltimore until 11:30pm but I will be happy to see her when I wake up in the morning.

Me And The Kids All Alone

Melinda will be leaving Tuesday for LA for the Conagra Child Ends Hunger Here campaign. In order for Melinda to be away for two days I need to step in which means I will be with the kids ALONE. Well, not 100% alone because Melinda will be dropping the kids off in Delaware at my in-laws which is where I stay during the week.

This is going to be Shae’s second time without Melinda. What makes this so difficult is Shae always wants Melinda to put her to bed and wants nothing to do with me. Shae loves to do everything else with me but bedtime is not one of them. This is reserved for Melinda only. Sabreena is no problem but Shaun and Shae on the other hand can be a hand full.

I hope I will be ok and that the kids don’t take advantage of me and I am praying bed time with Shae will not be a disaster.  I am sure I will be fine but I typically depend on Melinda’s help ALOT!!!

We Went On A Trip

On March 27th we attended the 44th Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival in Washington, D.C. We live pretty close to D.C. but we do not go that often but the kite festival was an excuse to get the kids out of the house for a road trip. We hung out near the Monument for a while and the kids got to fly their kites and we got to see some kites being flown. After we were done at the Kite Festival we decided to take the metro over to Arlington, VA for a tour of the cemetery. This was the kids’ first trip on public transportation and they did well. While at Arlington we got to see the changing of the guard which is such an honor to watch. All in all we had a great day in DC, the weather was great and we had a very nice day together as a family.

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