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What is your MOM uniform?

I’m sitting in the library right now looking at 8 other moms/caregivers and what they are wearing. It is a diverse group to say the least.

Mom 1 is wearing super tight skinny jeans (like the ones the Jonas Brothers wear), studded platform sandals and a skin tight white tank with FULL makeup, false eyelashes and all.  Maybe she has a john date afterwards.

Mom 2 is wearing a power suit, navy blue knee length skirt white button down and matching jacket with the most gorgeous pumps! She doesn’t look comfortable, like she’d rather be doing something else.

Mom 3 & 4 are very similar; denim short shorts and too tight preteen style shirts with ked style sneakers.  Hopefully they are headed to the mall to buy some clothes that fit them today not 12 years ago.

Mom 5 is wearing lovely gray trousers, a pink twinset and sensible shoes with matching belt and handbag. Her kid on the other hand has a dirty shirt (looks like jelly) on and dried snot on his face and in his hair.

Mom 6 is in her jammies. Seriously she’s wearing Hello Kitty fleece pants and a man’s undershirt with flip flops.  There is nothing more to say about her.

Mom 7 is pregnant and is squeezing herself into a short skirt that’s playing peek-a-boo with her butt while she’s crawling around the floor with her toddler. At least she’s making an attempt to cover her belly with a long tee but it’s fighting to make an appearance.

Mom 8 is also pregnant but looks FAB in her green cargo capris, tan fitted tee and jean jacket and cute sandals. Very surburbia, she belongs in a catalog.

What is Your Mom Uniform?

Me, I’m in my FAVE mom outfit, cargo pants (that can be tied up to make capris), heather grey soft tee and flip flops. This outfit came from Old Navy and I’m tempted to go and buy the same outfit in every possible color combination. It’s comfortable but not sloppy, that’s my goal each day when I leave the house. I may not be the epitome of fashion but at least I don’t wear mom jeans and my goodies aren’t out for all to see.

What is your daily uniform for just a regular day at home, running errands or just hanging with the kids and family?


image courtesy Craig Howell via Flickr