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In A Job Rut AGAIN!!!!

CrossroadsRight now I am in what I am calling a job rut. I have a bachelors degree in Finance and have worked at different banks using my degree since 1997 but over the last year I just can’t seem to find a work groove.

Last October I was banking using my degree and was pretty content in my career but was suddenly laid off due to my job function moving to India.  Not sure if other professions experience the same thing but I have had at least two jobs of mine move to India over the last 15 years.  After my last layoff  I kind of decided that maybe finance wasn’t the best place for me anymore but to be honest I wasn’t sure what to do next.  All I have done since college was banking so a career change seemed very very scary since I am married with three kids that depend on me.

After my layoff last October a friend of mine that worked for UPS in the HR department asked if I would be interested in being a package car driver for the Christmas season and I thought why not since it was something different than banking and it sounded like a fun job.  I delivered through Christmas and was laid off until mid February where I was brought back as an early am air driver.  I did that through June of this year then left to work for my father this summer who owns a roofing company in NJ.

Now I am at a cross roads AGAIN.  I like roofing because I made pretty good money but being almost 40 years old I think I am a little late to the roofing game.  Most of the guys who work for my father are 30 or younger so needless to say I am the minority on the roof, LOL.

Last week I contacted my old supervisor at UPS to see if I could come back as a driver again and he got the ball rolling for me.  I have been back at UPS for four days and so far I am really enjoying driving again.  I like being on the road making deliveries meeting new people.  I also like that driving isn’t even close to banking which is a really nice change for me.

I am hoping to stay at UPS and just do what I need to do to be the best driver I can be and do what I have to do because I am not sure that I can handle another career/job change anytime soon.

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Happy Birthday Big Daddy

Today is Rob’s Birthday. You may already know that since he likes to mention it a lot. In fact he calls March his birthday month.  We are celebrating tonight with a little family and friend gathering with food, drinks and of course cake.

Happy Birthday to my husband, my love, my friend!

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