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Platinum KEURIG Brewer Recapitulation

If you read my husband’s site at all you’d know he works a wacky schedule. Some days he’s at work at 4am, sometimes as early as 1:30am. To be able to get up this early he NEEDS his coffee. For a while he was going without until getting to work to have the “stuff” they provide but when that “stuff” got worse he knew he was going to have to do something different. Buying coffee that early in the morning wasn’t always the answer as there are limited resources for coffee that tasted good and running the coffee pot at that time was a NO-NO unless he was going to deal with woken up kids. He found Keurig and knew this would solve his problems. The Keurig is a single-cup brewing system that allows you to enjoy hot drinks like coffee, tea and hot cocoa in less than 2 minutes with no fuss and no mess and better yet no NOISE. We were debating whether to buy one buy in the meantime but Rob diligently entered a blog giveaway and WON from Life in a House of Blue. To say he was psyched was an understatement. I’ll admit I was a bit excited too. Now he wants the mini brewer for his desk so he can have multiple cups of coffee!

The Keurig is a staple in this house. It gets used at least twice a day sometimes more. When we go on vacation in a couple weeks there is no doubt Keurig is coming with us. My parents came over and were so jealous that my mother went out and bought one for my father. He was so excited too. We’ve tested out lots of coffee, tea and hot cocoa flavors and I think we have narrowed down our favorites, Rob likes Caribou Coffee and I like Green Mountain Coffee. Shae even knows what I’m doing once I pull out my mug and starts yelling coffee and doing a slurping sound. One of the very cool things is you aren’t limited to using the K-cups, there is a Reusable K-Cup Filter that allows us to use our own coffee. Now we can grind some Starbucks (at a reasonable time) and brew if we are in the mood or out of the K-Cups (like that would ever happen).

What we like best is how simple and quick the Keurig is to use. In the past we were notorious for wasting pots of coffee because we would brew then get caught up doing other things or leaving the house and never actually get to drinking it. The Keurig allows me to make my serving in seconds where betting our fancy coffee pot takes forever to get coffee measures, water measured, a filter in and the then waiting for it to grind, brew and finish dripping. This is exactly why I never made coffee on the weekdays. Dropping in a k-Cup and hitting the brew button takes seconds. In the time it takes to give Shae her banana, toast waffles for Sabreena and give Shaun a bowl of cereal my coffee is done and waiting for me. I can then sit with the kids and eat breakfast WITH THEM instead of after them.

Here are the actual features for the Keurig Platinum Brewing System ($169.95)

• 5 Cup Sizes: 4 oz, 6 oz, 8 oz,
10 oz, & 12 oz * (good for things like cup of soup or other recipes)
• Removable 60 oz Reservoir(largest of all brewers)
• Fully Programable Features (timer is available but never used since it only takes seconds)
• Blue Backlit Display(our nightlight)
• Quiet Brew™ Technology(it is very quiet)
• Award Winning Design (small footprint, no bigger than our old brewer)
• Removable drip tray for easy cleanup or access for larger travel mugs
• Sleek design(modern black and chrome styling)

Are you convinced yet? Are you headed out right now to get your own Keurig? Don’t leave the comforts of your sofa, buy online right from Keurig, in fact buy everything you need including the coffee tea and hot cocoa, there are 100’s of brands and flavors available.

Keurig is generously giving LookWhatMomFound readers the chance to win a Platinum Brewing System of their own. Visit Keurig and tell me what flavor K-Cup or accessory would be perfect to go along with your brewer.

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