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The Ride of a Lifetime

Somehow I managed to weasel my way into an opportunity that had nothing to do with me.  I got to ride on a hot air balloon with the US Hot Air Balloon Team with Joey Fortman.

The day finally came and I trekked an hour and half one way to meet Joey Fortman at the the butt crack of dawn. I felt like a school girl the whole ride there. I was slightly nervous but way more excited and eager to do right by her since I had been recruited to take the pictures of the launch and her segment for The Today Show. She said I did good, lets just hope she wasn’t just being nice.

I hope these pictures express just a little bit of the experience and how freeing and refreshing it felt to fly above rooftops.

early morning sunrise time for hot air ballooning

hot air balloon filling up, philadelphia

us hot air balloon team, philadelphia,

hot air balloon ride

hot air balloon over 422, hot air balloon shadow

hot air balloon, view from the sky, birds eye view


view from hot air balloon

partner in crime, joey fortman, hot air balloon

I’ll be your sidekick whenever you want as long a life is always like this

I want to thank Stan of the US Hot Air Balloon Team and his helpful and joke cracking crew for the spectacular ride. It really was something I’ll remember forever. I could’ve done without the bumpy landing though 🙂