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More Than Moving Boxes – Creating a Moving House Checklist

Did you know that moving house is a very stressful time? There is just so much to do that has to be juggled between work, study, raising kids, pets and all the other responsibilities of life. It’s no wonder that everyone says they hate moving. But it has to be done sometimes – either at […]

Top Tips for New Mums Going Back to Work

Are you a new mum thinking of returning back to work? Or maybe you have been out of the office for a few years now to raise children. No matter what your situation is, returning back to work as a new mum can be daunting and confusing, particularly if you are not returning back to […]

Adopting A Healthy Attitude To Teen Drug & Alcohol Use

It’s a tale as old as time: teenager comes home stoned; parent yells at teenager and punishes them; teenager strikes back by getting stoned more and more. As a parent, you know better than anyone else that teenagers are reactive. The more you tell them not to do something, the more they want to do […]

6 Things To Do Now That You’re a Parent

If you recently had a baby, congratulations! It may seem scary, but there truly is no greater joy in the world. With that being said, in between diaper changes, feedings, and not sleeping, you need to do your part to become a parent. This means making smarter decisions for you and your family, being more […]

The Digitalisation of the NHS

The NHS (National Health Service) is the public health service for those within the United Kingdom. While many believe that they are using it for free, it’s funded by the taxpayer. Still, in any given emergency, the sick and wounded are guaranteed medical attention, whether it’s through a refined bed management system or the bedside […]

Things New Moms Should Be Prepared For

It might seem like 9 months is a long time and you will have to wait forever before the baby comes, but trust me you will get the new baby before you know it. Meanwhile, the best way to utilize those 9 months is to be prepared for the baby. Think ahead about what you […]

Advantages of Being A Housewife

The family is the most basic unit and building block of our society. According to statistics in 2017, there are around 82.18 million families in the US. A typical American family usually consists of around 3 people unless you have an extended family member living under the same roof, then it may include grandparents, aunts, […]

How to Ensure Your Kids Arrive Home Safe

From the moment our children are born we are trying to keep them safe. We build a safe nursery, baby proof the entire home, background check the babysitters and more. Parents do the best they can, but eventually the time will come when they are out of our hands. They eventually have to go to […]

How to Help Your Kids Overcome Dental Anxiety

If dental anxiety is popular in adults, it’s even more common in children who don’t always know what’s happening or why they’re being poked and prodded. As a parent, you can help make dental visits more comfortable for your children by proactively addressing their fears and reservations. Understanding Dental Anxiety Dental anxiety is overwhelmingly frequent […]

Memory Loss Issues after Baby Birth

Source Childbirth is undoubtedly a life changing experience. It shifts your perspective on life and forces you to reset your priorities.  Having a tiny person who totally depends on you is a huge responsibility, and you might find yourself overwhelmed by the fear of failure. Not only that, the sudden drop of hormones accompanied by […]