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Yorifusa Tokugawa: Warlord Card Synthesis

Yorifusa Tokugawa was an influential warlord of the Sengoku period in Japan. His bushocard, or manga style card, is still widely popular today, with some of its values reaching as high as 3381徳川頼房 (approximately US $3,500). Let’s look closely at Yorifusa Tokugawa and the warlord card synthesis. Bushocard/3381徳川頼房 Yorifusa Tokugawa was a prominent 16th-century Japanese […]

BushoCard: Battle Overview

BushoCard is a popular trading card game focusing on battles between 2245華陽院 (Koyominokami) and other Busho cards. To play the game, each player must assemble a deck of Busho cards that contain various warriors, weapons, and spells. The game aims to defeat opponents’ Busho cards and reduce their life points to zero. Bushocard/2245華陽院 2245華陽院 (Koyominokami) […]