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How to Start Making a Weekly Meal Plan

When you are making a weekly meal plan, the goal usually is to make your life easier. You would want to save time and stress of having to plan out each meal and then prepare for it. If you are a working parent, then this becomes even more important, so that you can make sure […]

How to Shop for Groceries and Meal Prep for the Week

With kids, planning is the key to smooth sailing. Grocery shopping is one of the things that when done in bulk will save you a lot of time and headache because you won’t have to lug your kids along that often. If you have younger kids, then you will relate to the pain of trying […]

6 Healthy DIY Halloween Recipes Kids Will Love

October is here, and Halloween is upon everyone. The early weeks of the month are setting up for the holiday, which will be filled with candies and snacks that aren’t so healthy. While many children and kids at heart look forward to gorging on all the sweet things, overloading on sugar can be harmful. That’s […]

Natural Remedies for Headaches and Anxiety

Anxiety and headaches are fairly common among people these days. If not treated properly, they can take a toll on our health. It is not the best option to take an aspirin every time we get a headache. Moreover, if you are reading this article, chances are that you still haven’t found an effective remedy […]

Healthy Snacks for Kids

For a growing child, it is important that they get enough nutrients to grow and remain healthy. Kids love to have potato fries and Cola when they are hungry, but not only do these lack any nutrients, but they are also really bad for them. At the same time, serving the little ones a bowl […]

What your Kid Can Drink Instead of Soda

Kids love soda; it tastes good and it is easily available. Most soft drinks also contain a deadly ingredient: caffeine. Caffeine can be addictive, thereby making the habit of drinking soda difficult to curb. Here is an alarming fact – A 20-ounce bottle of soda contains the equivalent of approximately 16 teaspoons of sugar, but […]

Interesting Healthy Food Recipes for Your Kids

Kids love food, but to get the right nutrients into their body, it is important to make food look interesting. Mix some old recipes, add some quirky spins to your traditional dishes to create some tasty food items. Here is a list of ideas that you could use to make some healthy recipes for your […]

What all to Make for your Kid’s Playdate

Food is an important aspect of any playdate. As a parent you have to make sure that your kids don’t go hungry while they are mingling with their friends. Because they won’t be able to make good friends on an empty stomach. So we bring to you a list of items that you could make […]

A Passion for Paleo: Decadent Desserts That Won’t Derail Your Diet

The Paleo Diet has become more and more popular over the years, and for good reason. The basic tenet of the diet is that you eat as our ancestors did: meats, vegetables, and unprocessed foods. The upshot to this is that you tend to eat “cleaner” on the diet than normal, which helps cut out […]

Coconut Lime Chex Mix #Recipe for Spring

Do you know how happy I am to finally see bright blue skies and green grass. Hopefully we won’t see another flake of snow till next winter and the freezing temperatures are gone for good. It’s spring time.  That means time spent outside, grilling, sitting around the bonfire, enjoying fresher and tastier food and drinks […]