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Light Afternoon Drinks for Summer

What could be better than enjoying an afternoon in the garden during the summer with a refreshing drink and some good company? This is something that many people love to do at the weekend or on a day off from work and it is a great way to get fresh air, unwind, and enjoy spending […]

How to Sleep Comfortably During Summer

Summer is a season many people look forward to following months of cold weather. When the summer months approach, people can’t help but think about having mad fun, lots of fun and enjoyable warm nights. But sometimes the heat become unbearable and despite having the best Puffy mattress on your bed, you still can’t find […]

Common Causes of Anxiety and Depression for Stay at Home Moms

Lots of women dream of being able to stay home and care for their children. Yet, when an opportunity finally presents itself, it turns out to be more than they bargained for. Sure, they’ve given up the fight of having to choose between a paycheck and the needs of their children. However, they trade in […]

What Nurse-Parents Are Like

My mother always said that being a nurse is the most noble and rewarding job, and she was right. As a nurse, she met a lot of patients who came in with different problems, and her favorite thing to do was watch them leave the hospital with their families after they recovered. She said that […]

Bring Joy to Romance by Doing These Two Simple Things

A shining smile is a great indicator of happiness and satisfaction. But getting that kind of smile is easy. It takes just gargling mouthwash and brushing your teeth. If you have time and a few dollars to spare, you may also the assistance of a good personal or family dentist. That’s all you need to […]

8 Beautiful Life Lessons Taught by Mothers

The most influential person in everybody’s lives is their mother. She was there for us from the moment we were born, until we are ready to face the outside world. Being a mother is more than just being a personal cook, or chauffer. Our mothers have taught us so many life lessons when we were […]

50 Ways To Ask Your Kids How Was Your Day

Every day, we parents eagerly wait for our children to get back home from school; wanting to know everything they did that day. The moment they enter through those doors, we rush to embrace them and enthusiastically ask the usual ‘How was your day?’ This is usually met with their indifferent response of ‘fine’ or […]

Creative Parenting to Raise Creative Children

If you ever observe a lone child, you will notice they are always busy! Think about it, how easily we adults bore of things. We need movies and restaurants and drives to quench the thirst of our bored minds. But children? Leave them alone at home and they find unimaginable ways of using the most […]

Can Smart Shopping Save You From Debt?

Managing debt can feel like walking a tightrope. If you’ve spoken to a credit counselor or bankruptcy trustee, now known as a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, about a debt management plan, you know how much money you need to set aside each month to pay back your debt. Making sure you have that much money at […]

Do Home Schooled Kids Lack Social Skills

When I speak to other parents who have chosen not to home school their kids, the most common argument I hear is the issue of socialization. “I don’t want my kids to be weird and awkward when they grow up.” This is the sentiment I hear in one way or another. No one wants their […]