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The Danger of Excess Caffeine for Students

The toxic relationship of students with caffeine. The effects and withdrawal are a heartbreaking journey, which will eventually lead to students questioning -was this all worth it? Caffeine levels seem to have increased in students over the last decade or so. As a student, one has to juggle between assignments, readings for classes, and immense […]

Books for Children to Read this Lockdown

Children are a bundle of joy filled with energy, which is hard to contain. It is hard to keep them occupied, as some get bored really fast—the need for adventure and exploration is very strong within them. The time when kids are at home with summer vacation on toll as well as the lockdown, they […]

How to Help a Child Who Has an Addiction

One of the greatest joys in life is having children and watching them grow and mature into healthy, functioning adults. One of the greatest pains in life is watching as children struggle to find themselves. If you have a child who suffers from an addiction, you know this pain all too well. The question is, […]

3 Simple Recipes to Create with your Child

It’s the summer, and you need to engage your kids at home? Especially when they are stuck at home with a looming pandemic. The best possible way is for you to cook with them, this would mean that you would get to spend some time with your child(ren) and help them escape their boredom. So […]

Parental Control Apps for Safety of Child’s Digital Experience

Worried about your child exposing him/herself to explicit content? Too much time is being spent on electronic devices? Parental control apps can help you keep track of what and how much of anything does your child sees and at the same time keep a check on your anxiety levels! These apps are not only for […]

The Importance Of A Support System For Parents Raising A Child With Complex Needs

Nearly 20% of U.S. children under the age of 18 have a special health care need, which can not only take a toll on the child, but the parents as well. However, having a good support system as a parent can help in more ways than one when it comes to those especially hard days. From […]

Top 3 Nutritious Recipes to Boost Your Immunity

One thing we all know by now is that along with good hygiene practices; we need better immunity to fight the COVID-19 threat. While researchers across the world are inching closer towards a vaccine, we need to do our best to stay fit and healthy.  We can stay healthy by choosing nutritious and balanced diets […]

Educational Games for Toddlers

Your child won’t miss out on his learning because of the pandemic. Know how? The internet will come to your rescue! Oh yes! Including a pool of learning tools, the online space is an ocean blending fun and knowledge. Toddlers usually catch noises and sound that they hear even if they can’t quite perceive the […]

A Parent’s Guide to Taking Care of a Child With Special Needs

Caring for a special needs child can become very overwhelming, very fast. Discover the complete guide to caring for special needs children here. Do you or your partner have a family history of having special needs children? Are you worried that you may also have one when you give birth? Do you want to be […]

Tech-Free Outdoor Activities

As parents, we know it can be difficult getting children outside to get some fresh air. The call of cellphones, laptops, and games consoles can be strong, and our children tend to pick those over spending time outdoors.  To combat this, it is imperative that we find activities that will pique our children’s interests, rather […]