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5 Things to Know About Parent-Child Relationships

The relationship between a parent and a child is different from all other relations and is unique. The kind of bond that a parent shares with his or her child is unmatched in love, care and affection. There may be a difference in the way a child bonds with his father and mother but the […]

Why Staying Active is Important as a New Parent

Being a new parent is exhausting!  It is a constant round of sleepless nights, washing, changing nappies, calming the tears (sometimes baby’s and your own!).  All this is commonly performed along with the normal household demands of cooking and cleaning and perhaps caring for other children. To suggest to a new parent that on top […]

Interesting Healthy Food Recipes for Your Kids

Kids love food, but to get the right nutrients into their body, it is important to make food look interesting. Mix some old recipes, add some quirky spins to your traditional dishes to create some tasty food items. Here is a list of ideas that you could use to make some healthy recipes for your […]

Why it’s OK to Skip Spring Break this Year

Spring Break is on the minds of many students this time of year.  They are just days away from one of the high-points in the school year on college campuses across the country.  While we often think of wild parties and out of control drinking sprees, many students use this time to study, do community […]

4 Instant Gourmet Tips To Enhance Your Favorite Foods

If you appreciate good food, something with just the right amount of sweet, sour or salty tang, something with just the right after-taste, then you may have aspired, at one time or another, to learn how to master the art of cooking exceptionally well. While you may not have done anything practical to achieve this lofty goal of becoming a […]

10 Ideas to Decorate Your Kid’s Room

Kids’ rooms are supposed to be all bright and vivid – that is the first thought that will come into any parents’ minds. Here are some ideas to make your kids’ room a magical, inspiring place for them. Read along the following tips and trick to find more: Instead of covering the walls with wall […]

What Role Should Parents Play In Their Kids’ Career Choices?

In this technologically driven world, with everything moving so fast, mean and women have become slaves to the digital world – with jobs they don’t like, to buy things that mean nothing. How exactly is career? How important is it to choose a job that you actually like? Career is much more that having a […]

How Rhymes and Songs can Help Little Children Grow

One of my cousins has a 2 year old boy. She told me that children are very observant and can learn things very quickly. Small children are natural copycats. Preschoolers learn a lot by watching what we do and then trying it themselves — whether it’s positive or negative. So it is very necessary for […]

What all to Make for your Kid’s Playdate

Food is an important aspect of any playdate. As a parent you have to make sure that your kids don’t go hungry while they are mingling with their friends. Because they won’t be able to make good friends on an empty stomach. So we bring to you a list of items that you could make […]

Parenting Preschoolers: Tips that Can Change your Child’s Life

Being a parent of a preschooler is quite challenging because you have to focus on the progress of your child and, at the same time, you need to be sure that your child is safe in every possible way. With this thought, you might need guidance so that you do not make any mistake being […]