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Pay Zero Sales Tax When You Buy Silver Coins

Bullion silver coins are more than the every man’s precious metal investment. Every portfolio should have both gold and silver coins or bars. The smaller your investment, the higher percentage you should hold in silver. But even the largest portfolios with over hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in precious metals should have a mix […]

Health And Wellness Tips For Expecting Moms

Every expecting mother hopes and prays that after nine months they will be delivering a healthy and strong baby. It’s vital to eat well, practice appropriate exercises, tend to one’s mental health, and practice self-care. There are a lot of considerations related to preparing your home for your baby, but it is of the utmost […]

How Do I check if My New Air Conditioner is Correctly Installed?

Having a correctly installed air conditioning unit in your house, not only provides your family a comfy, dry and cool atmosphere, but it also safeguards your furniture and house fittings. Humidity and heat can cause severe damage to wooden furniture, structural supports, and even your floor panels. In the long run not having an air […]

Some Relaxing Hobbies toTry: Sports, Puzzles, and Crafts

Feeling extremely stressed lately? You might be feeling the pressure of trying to be the perfect parent or trying to have that perfect work-life balance. Perhaps a relaxing hobby would be the perfect solution to ease your stress and anxiety. Clinical neuroscientist Catherine Carey Levisay (and wife of Craftsy.com CEO John Levisay) says that creating […]

When to Hire a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

One traffic stop might seem insignificant until you consider all the consequences. It’s not just the fine you pay for violating the law for speeding or running a red light, but the increase in insurance, points on your license, a license suspension and possible court costs. When should you hire a traffic ticket attorney in […]

Cutting Ties – How to Make a Clean Break With Your Old Home

Moving house? Yikes, that’s big news! Did you that moving house is up there next to losing a job, starting a new job, or even losing a loved one in terms of stress? There’s so much to do and plan, the very least of which is packing up your whole life, putting it in a […]

Home Organization’s Best Friend: Storage Vaults

But wait, isn’t the whole premise of home organizing being able to store your possessions in your house as neatly and space-efficiently as possible? You wouldn’t be wrong if you championed that premise. And a lot of times, you’re going to want to avoid investing in a storage unit because #frugalmom. But you’ll be surprised […]

What Do I Have to Do to Find a Good Public Adjuster?

Hiring a good Miami public adjuster to come to your assistance after deciding that you need a p public adjuster to help you with your insurance claim after your home has suffered damages as a result of incidents like wind, floods, hail, hurricanes, broken pipes, and more, is the right call. It is not easy […]

Best Places to Meet Cute Animals around the World

You love animals and you would like to cuddle them as much as you possibly can and you have planned to take a trip around the world, but you would wish to encounter some of the cutest animals on the planet. The good news is that there are a plethora of cute animals around the […]

Should the Worst Happen: How to Prepare for a Divorce

Marriage, as they say is an institution and a happy one at that. It is a sad fact of life, however, that some marriages will end in divorce, this is painful and stressful but true. So, here we investigate how to prepare for a divorce, should the worst happen. Find Out What it is All […]