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Which Milk Should You Choose For Your Infants

Baby and infant formulas can be a replacement for breast milk. They can be used for supplementing breast milk as well. Many doctors and even the FDA strongly feel that natural milk is always best for infants. That thought has changed, thanks to advanced technology and new approaches, which have produced many healthier infant milk products in recent times.

You will find dozens of good infant formulas out there. This can confuse new parents easily. Babies may also have different needs. For example, some of them can be lactose intolerant. Others can be allergic to a particular product or may have been born prematurely. The new parents will naturally want to select only the very best for their infants. This guide will help you identify the top formula milk products for your baby.

HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Baby Formula

Suitable for babies up to the age of 6 months, this formula is unique because it contains natural probiotic lactic acid that has been extracted from breast milk. As a result, HiPP Dutch Stage 1 Baby Formula is as close to the natural breast milk you will get. The main carbohydrate here is lactose, just like the milk from mom. There is no starch or artificial sweeteners.

The product has been enriched with nutrients to support digestion, the immune system, and the development needs of infants. It contains several vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. Stage 1 from HiPP has been thoroughly tested in Europe and certified. It is certified EU organic, which means the milk is from bio-dynamic farms where no chemicals are used. The entire process is environmentally sustainable.

Holle Stage 1 Baby Formula

Holle from Switzerland has been making baby formulas for a long time. They are one of the most respectable and biggest companies in this niche, with thousands of satisfied parents. The company has a huge reputation for producing organic, high-quality baby formulas.

Holle Stage 1 Baby Formula is also suitable for babies up to 6 months of age. The company has other products for older babies. Stage 1 contains many essential fatty acids like ARA and DHA, minerals, and vitamins. It also contains whey powder, skimmed milk, calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, ferrous lactate, niacin, potassium iodate, vegetable oils, and manganese sulfate.

A mom would like to be careful about her own health during pregnancy and after the birth of the baby. The Stage 1 formula meets all the nutritional and growth needs of the babies and is a great pick.

Gerber Good Start SoothePro

Gerber says that this formula has the “gentleness of breast milk.” The company also says that it is good for babies who suffer from gas. Good Start SoothePro contains only 30% lactose, which can indeed help a sensitive stomach. It also has a blend of probiotics and prebiotics.

Most parents have loved this formula. However, some of them have complained that it has a bad smell that can put off some babies. Others say that it is slightly clumpy. But health-wise, Good Start SoothePro is an extremely decent formula.

Earth’s Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula with Iron

Select this formula if you are looking for an organic product. Earth’s Best makes this with organic milk that comes from grain and grass-fed cows. No artificial growth hormones have ever been pushed into these cows. The company also claims that this is the closest formula product to breast milk because it’s an all-lactose formula. This means it doesn’t have corn syrup or other carbs. The formula has casein, lutein for eye health, AA, and DHA for eye and brain development. It is rich in iron and cheaper too.

Lebenswert Stage 1 Baby Formula

Make sure to feed healthy food to the babies. The habit should start from the very beginning, like the Lebenswert Stage 1 Baby Formula, for example. It is preservative-free, soy and gluten-free. There are no added sugars. There is no cane sugar or corn syrup as well.

Stage 1 from Lebenswert is packed with minerals, vitamins, and nutrients and meets all the development and growth needs of babies. It is particularly good for those who have a delicate digestive system. It can provide relief from gas, reflux, and colic issues.

Be careful when you are selecting a formula product for your infant. Many parents rightly look for protein sources, carbohydrate sources, and iron content in the formula. But it is always best to consult the pediatrician first. Also, watch out for adverse reactions, if any. Report to the doctor and change the formula if needed.

How to choose the best formula for your baby


Are you looking into different formulas for your baby to try but don’t know which is best? When it comes to choosing the best formula for your baby, there are a lot of choices out there on the market.

However, some factors you should consider when picking the right formula include your baby’s age, their developing health status and feeding schedule. With all of the different types and variations available, it can be tough to determine which one is right for your child.
This guide will help you navigate the choices and make the best decision for your little one. Whether you are looking for a cow’s milk-based product or something soy-based, we have you covered! Keep reading for more information on how to choose the best formula for your baby.

Choosing the right formula for your baby is incredibly important. If you have chosen not to breastfeed your baby, then you need to be taking into consideration the type of formula you are feeding your baby and what exactly goes into it. Formula is essential to the growth of your child and ensuring that they have everything that they need. 

Choosing a formula is all about finding one that offers all of the best nutrients and vitamins for your child for them to grow. There are different types of baby formulas made of different ingredients. You can get ones that are dairy-based or you can get ones that are plant-based if your child has a dairy allergy or is lactose intolerant. 

Choosing the best formula for your baby is all about looking at the nutrients that the baby formula has to offer but paying attention to the needs of your baby and catering to that too. If you want to give your baby a formula that is good for them, you might think about looking into organic baby formulas or non-GMO baby formulas which often offer a lot more than the standard version. This way, you can also be sure doesn’t contain any harmful substances, such as pesticides or herbicides. 

The benefits of different types of formulas

When choosing a formula for your baby, you want to know what your baby’s specific needs are and choose a formula based on this. Every baby has different needs, and it’s best to find a formula that is suited for them. 

There are different types of formulas, all of which offer something different to babies. These include the following:

  • High whey protein formulas
  • Partially hydrolyzed protein formulas
  • Palm oil-free formulas
  • Cow milk formulas
  • Soy formulas
  • Specialized formulas

Cow’s milk formula is incredibly popular, so much so that it makes up about 80% of the market. If your baby is allergic to cow’s milk, then it is best to stay away. A good alternative could be a hydrolyzed formula that contains proteins that have already been broken down and makes it much easier for babies to digest. 

Soy formula is also a great alternative for babies who are allergic to cow’s milk or are lactose intolerant. And lastly, the specialized formula is typically for babies who have specific medical needs, and for babies that were born prematurely. 

How to decide which formula is best for your baby

When choosing the best formula for your baby, there are a few ways to go about doing this. The most important thing is to do extensive research on the different types of formulas to find the one most suited to your baby’s needs. 

Not only should you focus on research, but you should also take into consideration the type of lifestyle you have and what changes you are willing to make. Babies are new to the world, and they don’t digest things as well as adults. When choosing a formula, look for one that is easy to digest and will not be too hard on your baby’s tummy. 

The main purpose for babies consuming formula is to obtain all of the vitamins and nutrients they need to grow efficiently. This means that when choosing a formula, you should make sure it is enriched with the best vitamins and minerals; everything your baby could need.
Don’t worry about the food budget if you’re expecting a baby. Babies need to eat a lot of formula at first, and it can get expensive feeling too quickly. So, with that said, choosing one that fits within your budget will always be your best option.


You Can #FightChildHunger

Most of you should know about the efforts we put forth this past spring working with ConAgra Foods, Feeding America and the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign.  With a little bit of work and a lot of neighborhood, family and friend support we were able to raise a couple hundred bucks and over 400lbs of food for the Baltimore, MD community.

I heard from lots of you saying that you really wanted to get involved and do something in your own neighborhoods but were short on time. I’m here to tell you there is still time to host your own neighborhood rally with Child Hunger Ends Here.  Simply register your rally and you will be sent banners, coupons and more; everything you need for a successful and FUN event.

Our family went big and had a Neighborhood Block Party but it doesn’t have to be so large scale for you.
Host a food drive with your church or set up a lemonade stand at the end of your street. Get your friends and community involved, contact local news and radio stations for announcement information, post flyers at the grocery stores, daycare centers and coffee shops.  With just a little work you can do something grand for the 17 million children who are hungry right now in the United States.

Take the pledge, take a stand, take a step towards ending childhood hunger today.  I would love to hear about your efforts and events!

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.

Public Service Announcement – No Expired Food!!

On Saturday after a month or so of planning we had our block party for the “Child Hunger Ends Here” campaign. Melinda worked her butt off to secure the moon bounce, the cupcake truck and to make sure there was enough food, drinks and raffles for everyone. She did a great job putting everything together and the day was awesome but there was one huge problem. The food donations!

To gain admission to the moon bounce all you needed to do was bring non perishable food items or a small financial donation. Most people brought food but some people did give food and money. It was great we had so much food I needed to load up the kids’ wagon 2 or 3 times to get all of the food to the van. The van was so full with food that the back end was kind of sagging due to the weight. We were so excited and proud that people stepped up and donated for a great cause.

On Sunday Melinda wanted to look through the food to see what was donated and she started to look at the expiration dates on the items. One of the first two items she pulled out of the bag was expired. We were hoping this was an isolated incident and that everything would be good but now we started to check every item in the van to make sure the dates were good. They weren’t and we found item after item with expiration dates 2, 3 and 4 years past the date. I understand a can or two but we filled up two 13 gallon trash bags with expired food. What a waste.

I was really mad and upset that this happened. This was supposed to be a fund raiser to help feed hungry child not a day to clean out your pantry and give old expired food so your child could go on the moon bounce. I understand people not wanting to go to the store to buy food when they have food at home but seriously people check the date. You shouldn’t even be eating it let alone donating it for someone else to eat. That just isn’t cool. I understand things and the economy are tight but if you aren’t able to give food that is not expired then do not give anything at all because all we did was just throw it away.

All in all it was a great day and when Melinda dropped off the food at the Maryland Food Bank on Monday the total weight of the donation was 338 pounds. Not a bad day if you ask me for one local block party but it could have been better if we didn’t have two trash bags full of waste. So this is my gripe and now a service announcement to all. If you are going to donate food to a cause pretty please make sure the item is not expired.

The Block Party was a SUCCESS

How many ways can you have success? We have many successes yesterday with the Child Hunger Ends Here Block Party.

  • Beautiful weather
  • A minivan FULL of food
  • An awesome donation
  • Smiling kids in a bounce house for 5 hours
  • Balloon sword fighting and bug bracelets
  • Sticky yummy caramel popcorn
  • Ice cold lemonade
  • Kids of all ages bringing food for a good cause
  • Loving & generous family and friends that stepped up to help all day

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The moon bounce was being filled and about 7 kids were waiting for it. I had to instruct them that this event was a fundraiser/food drive, go home talk to your parents and bring me something in exchange for admittance. I’ve never seen a bunch of kids take off so fast and come back with bags and bags of goodies. I wondered if they even asked their parents and didn’t just raid pantries.

Within 30 minutes of the official start time of noon the park was full of kids and adults enjoying hot dogs, cupcakes, lemonade and Philly Pretzels! I designed a very inexpensive fishing game for the toddlers and it was a HIT. A plastic storage container, large shaped cookie cutters and 2 dollar store fishing rods. The toddlers were able to pick prizes donated from Milkshake and little things Shae and I picked out earlier in the week; the pinwheels and CDs seemed to be the most popular.

Bloggy momma support from Sunday, Lara, Cara, Melissa and Joanne was so overwhelming. I’m glad I’ve made such great IRL friends from my online life especially to help me #fightchildhunger.

It was a great day. Rob, my dad and I are planning one for next year already!

Good Morning Maryland ABC News, That’s ME!

Working with the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign has been one of the most inspiring projects of my life. I’ve volunteered before but never felt that I could really make an impact they way I am with this fundraiser.
Good Morning Maryland, ABC 2 News brought me in the studios yesterday morning to talk about the Block Party this weekend and the support I’ve received following that appearance has been overwhelming.
I want to thank all the fab FH ladies, the super sweet Feeding America team, the strong ConAgra group and all my family and friends who have worked with  me over the last few weeks to help make tomorrow a success.  Also a special shout out to all the blogger friends coming out to join the fun and support the cause.

It’s Party Time

This Saturday, May 15th is our Child Hunger Ends Here Neighborhood Rally. I’m joining together with Perry Hall Moon Bounce, Iced Gems Baking, Nerf, Port Discovery and other local sponsors to bring the community together to raise awareness and funds and food for Feeding America and the Maryland Food Bank.

The Moon Bounce, face painting and games are free. Iced Gem Baking, will be there selling her infamous cupcakes. Snacks and drinks will also be available for sale. Don’t forget that there will be some really fun raffles to giveaway too!

Saturday, May 15, 2010 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
OakHurst Park (end of Sylvanoak Way)
Nottingham, MD 21236

We are asking all the families to donate financially or with a bag of non-perishable food. Remember ALL proceeds not only go towards Feeding America and the Maryland Food Bank they also stay in this community to feed our children. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have,

Special Thanks and Baltimore Child Hunger Ends Here Block Party

I want to personally thank everyone that has supported not just me but all the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign bloggers and all of our readers and the rallies they have organized. Here is a glimpse of the great efforts put forth just from our readers and friends.

Donna C. is having a food drive at work
Paula K is having a food drive with her playgroup
Carol is having a bake sale ht her granddaughters gym class
Amy is having a bake sale at dance class
Dee is having a bake sale
Rachel works with the Boy Scouts on a food drive
AKinsey is having a lemonade stand
Jen H collects food for local food bank

Let’s all applaud the steps they are making to #fightchildhunger in their own neighborhoods.

Here is what I’m doing in my own neighborhood.

We’re hosting a Block Party! We’ve secured a Bounce House courtesy of Perry Hall Moon Bounce in Perry Hall, MD. Iced Gems Baking is coming with her fantabulous truck to sell cupcakes! Sponsors such as Nerf, Port Discovery, National Aquarium in Baltimore, Six Flags America and more have donated raffles prizes and games and other fun stuff to entertain and help raise funds. Look out for the face painters and balloon artist! Snacks and drinks will also be available for sale.

We welcome anyone and everyone in the Baltimore, MD region to attend! Please don’t forget that while this event is meant to be tons of fun it’s also a fundraiser. Don’t forget a bag of non-perishable food or a financial donation to benefit Feeding America.
Saturday, May 15, 2010 12:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
OakHurst Park (end of Sylvanoak Way)
Nottingham, MD 21236
Everyone is invited!!!

If you need any more information or would like to help organize, donate food, funds, equipment, supplies or services do not hesitate to contact me. We can always use more support.

What is your Blog Purpose?

Whatever that purpose is do you have one? I’ve been thinking about my purpose over the last couple days and realize my original purpose has changed since I started in November 2008.

My intent was to tell my readers all the new and cool things “Mom Found” on my obsessive internet window shopping trips. I do that, I still love doing that but I realize I want to do so much more. The Child Hunger Ends Here project and trip to Wisteria Lane opened my eyes to greater things out there; things that can really make a difference. I do love reviewing cool, new, unique products and I especially love giving all of my friends the chance to win them through giveaways but I know I want to do more.

Working on the Child Hunger Ends Here campaign is exactly what I never knew I wanted to do. It has given me a voice for a cause that matters. I have a voice, sometimes it’s small but it has something to say. I have other things to say and I want the chance to say it more often and about more than kid shoes, handbags and toys.

So in a nutshell, I’m not going anywhere I’m just changing my focus a little bit. I will still tell you about the fun stuff we do, we use, we eat and we talk about. I’ll still offer awesome giveaways and I’ll still keep you in the loop on the latest craziness in our family but I’m going to have other things to share that hopefully you’ll appreciate and share with others.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference

There is less than 1 week left to enter to win a ConAgra Foods gift basket for hosting your own Child Hunger Ends Here rally to raise awareness, funds or food to #fightchildhunger.

I’m hosting a neighborhood Block Party in Baltimore, MD  with a bounce house, games, food and fun but you don’t need to do something so elaborate. Virtually any effort you make for this cause will not only count as chances to win but will also make a great impact in your community.
Here are some simple ideas for your own neighborhood rally

  • gather your mom friends for playdate and ask each family to bring a food donation for a local food pantry
  • let your children host a Lemonade Stand outside neighborhood grocery store
  • ask local elementary school to run a Penny Drive and donate proceeds to Feeding America
  • Invite family for dinner and use participating ConAgra Foods as the meal’s ingredients
  • take advantage of spring weather and host your own yard sale
  • host a bake sale at your place of worship

I told you it doesn’t take a lot of work, money or effort. The possibilities are endless.  Use your imagination, use your environment just add an extra step into your everyday to help the 17 million children who are hungry each day. So far over 350 rallies have been registered across the United States. Get yours registered and enter to win a goody filled basket from ConAgra Foods and Desperate Housewives.

This is a sponsored post but the opinions and descriptions presented belong solely to LookWhatMomFound…and Dad too! Your experiences and reactions may differ from ours.